Top Tips For Hiding The Engagement Ring


A certain thing happens in the run up to an engagement. In the vast majority of cases, a beautiful diamond ring is part of the process. If the man buys this ring without the knowledge of his lady love, he’ll naturally feel nervous if there is any risk whatsoever of her finding out about it. Similarly, if a bride to be suspects a proposal might be happening in the near future, there’s always a chance she might give in to temptation and go snooping around in search of a ring. If that sounds like you, here are some helpful tips to keep it all under wraps until that special moment…

Don’t Leave a Paper Trail

Rule Number One: don’t leave the receipt from the jeweller anywhere in the house if you live together. If there’s any possibility that she’ll be opening your wallet or sitting in your car, don’t leave it there either. Keep it at work, or give it to a trusted friend for safekeeping. Furthermore, don’t pay for it with a joint bank account or she’ll figure it out in no time.

Leave it at the Jewellers

Any decent jeweller will be happy to keep the engagement ring in their store until you’re ready to pick it up before popping the question. Obviously you’ll have to pay for it first (or at least pay a hefty deposit), and some jewellers may place time limits on how long they’ll keep it for. It’s a much safer option in every way, and you can collect it at a time that suits you.

Dispense with the Box (Temporarily)

A small cube shaped box is a dead giveaway when it’s in your pocket or hidden in a drawer. Cut the odds of your other half finding the engagement ring before she’s supposed to by taking that conspicuous box out of the equation entirely. Instead, wrap the ring up in some soft fabric and place it in a safe, hidden place. Don’t throw the box away though – you’ll need it to protect the diamond in future.

An Alternative Box

If you do decide to get rid of the bulky engagement ring box, considering buying an alternative box for protection. There are multiple slimline boxes available that don’t leave an outline in your shirt or pants pocket. Your jewellery may have some options, or you can easily find them online if you’re prepared to wait for delivery.

Only Tell the People who REALLY Need to Know

If you think the chance of your future spouse finding the engagement ring is minimal, that doesn’t mean she won’t find out about your plans some other way. Namely, through very excited friends or family members who heard rumours. To prevent this, only tell people if they REALLY need to know – for example, if they’re involved in planning the proposal or picking out the ring.

Find the Right Hiding Spot

If you have no other option but to keep the engagement ring in your house until the big day, then finding the right hiding spot is important. The trick is to find somewhere that’s not an obvious hiding place (like the back of a drawer), but not too exposed either. Somewhere that she wouldn’t think of checking as a potential spot; like behind the TV cabinet, in the pocket of some pants you don’t wear too often, etc.

On Location

If you can guarantee its security, you could always leave the ring in the place you plan on proposing. We wouldn’t recommend this for any outdoor or public proposal for obvious reasons. But if you’re planning on proposing in a restaurant or at a family gathering for example, there’s usually someone willing to take the ring off your hands for a few hours. Just make sure they’re trustworthy!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This one requires some careful planning beforehand and a trustworthy helper. If you know exactly when and where you want to pop the question, you can let a friend in on the secret and have them deliver the ring at the right moment. You’ll need to ensure they stay hidden or don’t appear until the right moment, but it’s definitely doable.

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