Our Top Tips For A Valentine’s Day Proposal

Planning the ultimate romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day? Here’s what to do to make it unique, memorable and super sweet…

Avoid Cliches

Unless she wants a proposal that came straight from a rom-com movie or a fairytale, it’s best to avoid all the usual cliches. We’re talking hearts made out of rose petals on the floor; the engagement ring dropped into a glass of champagne; getting down on one knee in a restaurant with applauding onlookers… that kind of thing. The reality is never quite as good as the real deal in the absence of professional lighting, directors and skilled extras! So opt for something low-key but super special and personal instead.

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Book In Advance

Whether you’re booking a luxurious hotel stay for the weekend, planning a huge surprise like a hot air balloon ride at sunset, or just taking her to dinner at her favourite restaurant, get it all reserved well in advance. Guess what, Valentine’s Day is when everyone wants to do these romantic activities – and you’re not the only guy who’s planning a proposal on the day, either. Do it as far in advance as possible, and always confirm the reservation closer to the time too.

Make It Personal

It’s not enough to just avoid the usual rom-com cliches. If you did that and nothing else, your proposal would be pretty forgettable. So make an effort to make it personal. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; it can be something like having her favourite song playing in background, buying her favourite flowers or chocolates, taking her to her favourite place, or incorporating photos and videos of your time as a couple. They’re small but thoughtful little details that she’ll definitely pick up on and appreciate.

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Get Away From The Crowds

Valentine’s Day is the day when every couple wants to do something romantic, anywhere and everywhere. So any place with a nice view or any typical date night location WILL be crowded. If she wants a private proposal, the best course of action is to do it in the comfort of your own home / hotel room / log cabin / private space. Either that, or do thorough research and pick a spot that you know for sure will be away from all those onlookers.

Make It Romantic

Avoiding cliches doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic. A trail of rose petals may be a bit much, but some pretty fairy lights and champagne on ice will certainly give any proposal a ‘romantic in a good way’ touch. You can swap the fancy restaurant dinner for a home-cooked meal or picnic with a view. The public gesture in front of her family and friends can be pared back to a scrapbook with pictures and hand-written messages from them. Every girl is different, but we’re willing to bet that she’d prefer the smaller, thoughtful things than the extravagant romance. And guess what? It’s just as romantic, if not more so.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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