This is the ‘Typical’ Celebrity Engagement Ring

It’s a far cry from your average diamond solitaire, that’s for sure…

Experts over at 77 Diamonds have been busy studying celebrity engagement rings over the past year, taking stock of over 100 specimens dating from 2013 right up until 2017. And they’ve found some interesting stats; it seems that the rich and famous of Hollywood have very different tastes than the rest of us when it comes to engagement rings.

Examining a host of famous rings from Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian and everyone in between, analysts discovered that this year, emerald cut diamonds have been the favourite choice of the stars. The favoured metal? Surprisingly, yellow gold.

This is in contrast to 2013 and 2014, when oval shaped stones and platinum bands were all the rage. Platinum then segued into white gold, and now yellow gold. Looks like celebrities are enjoying a throwback to the golden era, in more ways than one – or is it possible that they’re choosing yellow gold because it’s cheaper? Probably not…

There’s some more data in the report that’s guaranteed to make your eyes water, if they haven’t done so already. Celebrity spending on engagement rings has gone off the charts in recent years, with couples spending an average of just under £1 MILLION on their engagement bling in 2016. And the average carat weight sits at around 7 carats, too. Jealous much?

As we all know, the rich and famous are fond of jetting off to exotic locations regularly, so it makes sense that many of them will pop the question in a different location to their home country. According to 77 Diamonds athletes such as golfer Rory McIlroy choose sophistication locations such as France, while musicians like Justin Timberlake (also a keen golfer) prefer home grown proposals in the USA. There’s also a trend in the time of year, with the majority of celebs getting engaged either during the summer vacation period or the festive season.

Ring value soars for second time fiancees – by over 600%! The average ring value for first time celebrity engagements was just over £450,000. But when both parties had been married previously, it jumped to an unbelievable £2,746,983.33. First timers also waited around 3 years before getting engaged, while those with previous experience pick up the pace at 2 years and 4 months. When the combination was a first timer getting engaged to someone previously married, the wait time dropped to just 14 months.

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Celebrities may have unlimited budgets and choice when it comes to engagement rings, but we’ll take any ring as long as it was given with love (or so we’d like to think, anyway). Read the full report here:

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