Keltie Knight’s Engagement Ring: A Happy Ending

keltie knight's engagement ring

Keltie Knight and her missing red carpet diamond finally gets a happy ending. 

It all started on Jan 7th, when the E! News correspondent and Lady Gang podcast host lost the diamond stone from her 10-year anniversary ring on the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet.

If you’re a celebrity and you see a 4-carat diamond on the red carpet, please return it to Keltie Knight at E!,” she said in video posted that nightCause it’s gone and, um… it’s real.

Keltie says the Globes incident — a.k.a. “Diamondgate” — made her feel like “an absolute fool. Losing the diamond was hard but realizing it hadn’t been put on our insurance was even worse. As of now, the precious diamond, a 10-year anniversary upgrade from her husband, Chris Knight, hasn’t been found. 

But alas, she has decided to move on from the saga with another sparkler — and we have all the details.

What Does Keltie’s New Engagement Ring Look Like?

Keltie’s new ring is a 14 carat yellow gold design featuring a 5-carat princess diamond. After the trauma of losing the diamond on the carpet, she took the chance to go bigger. 

Princess-cut diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and sparkle due to their many facets, which reflect light beautifully. While not as rare as some other cuts, it’s also still relatively coveted, adding to its allure. This time around, Keltie opted for a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically and sustainably created in controlled environments, but look just as brilliant as their mined counterparts. Additionally, the affordability of lab-grown diamonds compared to natural ones makes them an attractive option for those seeking luxury without compromising on quality or ethics, something that appealed to Keltie: “I really feel like, after a year of ‘quiet luxury’ being the trend, 2024 should be all about ‘loud budgeting’ and I want to scream from the rooftop that everyone should do bigger diamonds that are lab-grown and save the extra money for a down payment on a house!” she explained. 

Her new bling is similar to her previous one (with the exception of the larger diamond) and completely aligns with her “doing-the-most-too-much-showgirl” style. A perfect replacement ring if you’re asking us.

Who Designed Keltie’s Engagement Ring?

Keltie worked With Clarity on her new ring. With Clarity is a fine jewelry brand known for high-quality, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones set in beautifully crafted settings. They are renowned for exceptional craftsmanship, stunning designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a trusted choice for couples seeking the perfect symbol of their love and commitment.

We’d estimate Keltie’s ring to be worth around $8000 given the size and quality. Let’s hope this one is insured this time…

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