Demi Lovato’s Pear Shaped Proposal

Demi Lovato is officially off the market and engaged to their sweetheart, Jordan “Jutes” Lutes. 

Jutes, a Canadian musician, and Lovato’s partner since August 2022, is a big name in the industry. The pair met when he worked on the latest album, Holy Fvck, where he is credited with co-writing several tracks, including “Substance,” “Happy Ending,” and “City of Angels.

Demi took to Instagram to share the news with her fans, writing“I’m still speechless…last night was the best night of my life and I can’t believe I get to marry the love of my life @jutesmusic.”

If the surprise proposal caught you off guard, you’re not alone. We didn’t see it coming, but it’s safe to say we’re here for it. One glance at the massive engagement ring makes it abundantly clear that Jutes aced the selection process.

Here’s everything you need to know about Demi’s engagement ring.

What Kind Of Ring is Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring?

demi Lovato's engagement ring

Demi Lovato’s engagement ring is nothing short of spectacular. 

Featuring a nine-carat pear-shaped diamond, this ring is a true masterpiece. Pear-cut diamond engagement rings, known for their elegant teardrop shape, offer a timeless yet contemporary style. The pear shape is a combination of a round and marquise cut, featuring a rounded bottom and a pointed top. The symmetry and proportions of the pear shape should be well-balanced, with a well-defined point and a gentle curve. The cut symbolizes love and emotion, making it a meaningful and romantic choice.

The natural diamond ring is set with five prongs in a cathedral solitaire setting on an unadorned yellow gold band. This design draws all of the attention to the large center stone.

Who Designed Demi’s Ring?

The creative genius behind this beauty is Teresa Panico from Material Good, who collaborated with the couple to bring their dream ring to life. Material Good is a luxury boutique and fine jewelry store located in New York City. It is known for curating a selection of high-end jewelry for the rich and the famous. Rich is important here, as Demi’s ring comes with a pretty hefty price tag. 

Thanks to the nine-carat diamond, we’d estimate the sparkler to cost close to $700,000. For Demi, it’s worth every penny.  Here’s to the couple’s journey ahead, filled with love, music, and the sparkle of a truly remarkable engagement ring.

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