Halle Berry’s Timeless Treasure: The Story Behind Her Unique Engagement Ring!

halle berry's engagement ring

When it comes to engagement rings, not many trends last the test of time. 

As a general rule, simpler is better and that’s why classic settings such as solitaires remain one of the most popular. But every now and again, you’ll get a unique ring that is so incredible it remains timeless.

Enter, Halle Berry’s engagement ring from Oliver Martinez. 

The French actor met Halle as her co-star on the set of “Dark Tide,” and the lovebirds were dating seriously for two years before he decided to pop the question in 2012.

This was Berry’s third marriage and she had publicly spoken out against having any desire to remarry. Looks like Martinez’ love has changed her mind. Or rather, the incredible ring he proposed with.

Made by Robert Mazio, Berry’s ring features a four-carat square-cut Colombian emerald, flanked by two diamonds, set in hand-forged gold. 

Here’s all of the details.

What Does Halle’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

halle berry's engagement ring

Halle’s engagement ring features a magnificent four-carat square-cut Colombian emerald, renowned for its vivid green hue and exceptional quality. Sourced from old mines in Muzo, Colombia, this emerald boasts a perfect balance of blue and yellow undertones, radiating unparalleled beauty and sophistication. The emerald is elegantly flanked by two dazzling diamonds, accentuating its natural brilliance and adding a touch of sparkle to the ring. 

Set in hand-forged gold, the setting is meticulously crafted according to ancient Phoenician tradition, showcasing artisanal craftsmanship and timeless elegance. 

What sets Halle Berry’s ring apart is its intricate design and bespoke etching on the band, reminiscent of art-deco and antique styles. And while it doesn’t have an inscription per se, it does have hidden meaning.

Rather than a conventional inscription, the ring incorporates hidden codes and symbols that only the wearer can interpret, adding an element of mystery and personal connection to the piece. These symbols are carefully chosen to represent the couple’s journey and shared experiences, making the ring a powerful symbol of their love and commitment.

How Much Is Halle’s Engagement Ring Worth?

Halle Berry’s engagement ring from Olivier Martinez is worth an estimated $200,000 and it’s not surprising, it’s a real one-of-a-kind. Crafted as a one-of-a-kind piece, Halle Berry’s engagement ring is truly irreplaceable, reflecting the couple’s individuality and the depth of their relationship. 

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