Nikki Reed’s Floral Halo Engagement Ring: A Love Story Crafted in Gold

nikki reed engagement ring

This is an engagement ring you can sink your teeth into. 

When Ian Somerhalder proposed to Twilight starlet Nikkie Reed, he wasn’t taking any chances. Ian, best known for his smoldering role on CW’s The Vampire Diaries, proposed to Reed nearly four years ago after only six months of dating. Not one to play it safe, he done so with a ring that’s nothing short of a work of art.

Here’s everything we know about the beautiful floral halo ring he proposed with.

What Does Nikki Reed’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

nikki reed engagement ring

Reed’s engagement ring is a true work of art, featuring a round-cut diamond surrounded by a delicate floral halo of 10 smaller round-cut diamonds—all set in gold. The design is both unconventional and breathtakingly beautiful, reflecting Reed’s unique sense of style and her love for nature-inspired motifs.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Reed gushed about her ring, saying, “I love it more than anything in the world!” It’s clear that the ring holds immense sentimental value for her, not just because of its beauty, but also because of the love and commitment it represents.

What makes Reed’s ring even more special is the story behind it. After her engagement, Reed discovered the potential for integrating recovered gold and cultivated diamonds into the jewelry space. Ian found a diamond that was conflict-free and had the Kimberley Certification with recycled gold. 

nikki reed engagement ring

This journey led to the creation of her own jewelry brand, Bayou with Love, which now offers a bridal line and a brick-and-mortar holiday shop. Reed is passionate about promoting sustainability and empowering women to make informed choices about their jewelry. She encourages people to research and consider alternatives like cultivated diamonds, which offer the same beauty and quality without the environmental impact of traditional mining.

For Nikki, the ring represents more than just a symbol of love—it’s a reminder of the importance of sustainability, innovation, and staying true to oneself. Cheers to the beautiful couple on their beautiful journey together.

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