What Should You Get Engraved On Her Engagement Ring?

As if picking the engagement ring of her dreams wasn’t enough pressure, you also have to come with something super sweet to get engraved on the ring. Don’t worry, we have plenty of suggestions….

Romantic Ideas

Is she the type who likes to be swept off her feet in a fairytale-style scene? Then you’ll most likely want to go down the romantic route with her engagement ring engraving. If there’s a special song that means a lot to the both of you, see if there’s a lyric short enough to fit on a small ring. The same goes for movie quotes, poetry, books, even TV shows! If you don’t have one that’s connected to your relationship, choose one of her favourites instead.

Personal Ideas

Is she more of a low-key type who appreciates those smaller (and sweeter) gestures? A personal engraving is definitely the way to go. Use the engraving to link back to something important in your relationship – the coordinates of where you met for example, or maybe one of the more popular ones we’ve seen – your fingerprint or heart beat. Think about yours and her heritages as well – if you speak languages other than English, maybe a thoughtful word or quote in that language?

Fun Ideas

If she doesn’t take this whole engagement ring thing too seriously, a fun engraving is a sure way to make her giggle. Plenty of cliche suggestions like ‘put it back on’ and ‘finally’ abound on the web. You could go for something super cheesy and have your pet name for her engraved, or you could deliberately choose something ultra corny and embarrassing and call it ‘ironic’. If she loves geeky things like Pokemon or Star Wars, ‘caught ‘em all’ or ‘I know’ will surely win her heart (if you don’t get either of those references, good news, you’re not a geek!).

Traditional Ideas

Got yourself a traditional bride-to-be? Keep things simple and choose a tried and tested engagement ring engraving. Your initials, your wedding or engagement date, your names, an infinity symbol, or a simple heart are all traditional choices from modern as well as not so modern times. All are timeless, won’t lose their meaning like a gag or movie quote might, and are respectable just in case she wants to show off the underside of her engagement ring.     

We’re sure you’ll come up with a fabulous engraved message for her bling. And if she doesn’t like it, remember it can be fixed up relatively easily by any decent jeweller.

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