Trend Alert: Rose Gold


Rose gold is the trend of the moment when it comes to engagement rings; expect to see it in every jeweller’s window and every catalogue you look at over the coming months. But apart from its obvious beauty, why is everyone going crazy for it?

You know yellow gold and you’ve seen plenty of white gold. Rose gold (you may know it by another name: red gold or pink gold to name a few) has a copper-y colour somewhere in between the two.  Unlike its white cousin – which is an alloy that’s then plated with rhodium to give it its shine – rose gold is a simple combination of pure gold with high amounts of copper, resulting in a characteristic warm hue. Over time it will tarnish very slightly, but this only makes the colour more vibrant.

It flatters all skin tones

White gold and platinum is better suited to pale skin, while yellow gold looks much better on warm skin tones than it does on cool skin tones. Rose gold, however, is equally flattering for everyone. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

It’s suitable for any gemstone

Yellow gold can add a slight tint to diamonds or pale coloured gemstones, throwing their colour off, but with its lighter hue the same can’t be said of rose gold. While paler stones look better with white gold or platinum and strong coloured stones look better with yellow gold, rose gold can take on any colour and win.

It’s new

When it comes to metals, engagement rings have been dominated by two colours for decades; silver (whether in white gold, platinum, titanium or any other form) and gold. Rose gold is a breath of fresh air, something unique, and adds a whole new world of choice to the engagement ring spectrum.

…And it’s vintage

Vintage is the style of the moment, and you have to admit, rose gold does have something of a classic, old world look about it. It also hits the ethereal trend perfectly – add some twists or some intricate side detailing with a diamond or two on top and there you have it; the engagement ring look of 2015 is complete.


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