You Need To See Helzberg’s Virtual Ring Experience

Shopping for an engagement ring? Helzberg’s Virtual Ring Experience will make it so much easier… and so much cooler too.

Whether you’re a groom to be or a bride to be, one thing’s for sure: you’ll have spent plenty of time browsing for the perfect engagement ring online. Thanks to the age of the internet, more and more of us are becoming what the e-commerce industry calls ‘ROPOs’ – shoppers who Research Online, then Purchase Offline. And the best retailers are figuring out lots of cool new ways to persuade to buy online instead of just researching.

Helzberg is one of these retailers. The Kansas-based jeweller just launched the Virtual Ring Experience, a new high tech store concept that uses augmented reality to bridge the online and in-store experience. The experience gives couples the opportunity to try on more than 100 ring styles in multiple viewing angles, with the ability to share photos of their selections on social media.

Alongside the Virtual Ring Experience Helzberg have also designed an upgraded Diamond Room Experience, where shoppers can pick out a diamond and then view it on a 24-inch 4K screen. That means they can see all of its unique features up close in high definition to make sure it’s the diamond they want.

CEO of Helzberg Diamonds Beryl Raff had this to say about the new concept:

“Some guests know exactly what they want, while others want to explore an endless aisle of possibilities from the size and shape of a diamond or gemstone, to the metal type, to the setting style. Helzberg Virtual Ring Experience is a great tool to help customers find the perfect ring and give them greater confidence in their jewelry-purchasing decisions.”

It’s the first time (that we know of) for augmented reality to be applied to engagement ring shopping, but we’re certain many more retailers will follow suit before too long. Plus, trying on an endless choice of engagement rings in such a high-tech settings sounds like a pretty fun afternoon to us.

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