Check Out This ‘Propose Too’ Initiative

In today’s world the traditional, down on one knee proposal can seem outdated. Depending on your views it can even seem a little sexist, or at the very least unequal. Well, now that’s all about to change.

Engagement 101 have started up a new movement to redefine marriage proposals. Called ‘Propose Too’, it challenges women to both propose first and propose back to their future husbands. The brainchild of the campaign, Severine Ferrari, had this to say;

“Our female audience continuously expresses to us how frustrated they are to be dependent on the boyfriend deciding the timing of the proposal. I thought that it was time to tip the scales towards women’s empowerment in committed straight relationships. I thought I could help our audience find a path towards more equality when it comes to the proposal.”

Think about it. The vast majority of couples discuss marriage before getting engaged. They share household bills. They make every big life decision together, as a unit. So why is the man the only one who gets down on one knee? If you ask us, this campaign makes total sense.

The Propose Too campaign features real life stories about couples who proposed to each other, inspiration and ideas about proposing back, mens’ engagement rings or jewellery alternatives, and a whole lot more. Our favourite is Ashley and Aaron’s story; they had both unwittingly planned to propose to each other on the same day! (Aaron got there first, but Ashley’s proposal involved a puppy, so she wins.)

The website even has some Propose Too themed merchandise for sale, which includes an ‘I put a ring on it’ t-shirt, a frog prince pin, and dog tags engraved all over with the word ‘engaged’. And they’re even getting out into the world and asking people what they really think about it all:

If you’re a man waiting in hope for a proposal, or a woman wanting to jump on the Propose Too bandwagon, then this site is definitely worth checking out. However you decide to get engaged, we wish you all the very best!

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