Want a Ferrari with your Engagement Ring?

Because you can get one. Seriously.

Kristoff Jewellers in South Naples, Florida are offering one hell of a deal. If you buy an engagement ring, they’ll throw in a 2016 cherry red Ferrari with tax and titles included, absolutely free. The catch? You need to purchase a 15.93 carat diamond engagement ring, valued at $695,000. So start saving.

Kristoff partnered with car dealership Naples Motorsports to make the deal happen. The diamond boasts a J colour and SI2 clarity (not bad) while the Ferrari is a California T with a 3.9-liter V-8 twin turbo engine, 552 horsepower, and a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

The idea behind the deal? Kristoff owner Michael Rose said they wanted to offer something to both the Mr. and the Mrs. And to be fair, engagement rings are pretty much all about the woman. We can see where he’s coming from… kind of!

We have to note a few downsides though; one, if you can afford a 15 carat diamond, you probably already have the car of your dreams. Second, they only accept wire transfers as payment. Understandable, but inconvenient nonetheless (although if we’re getting a free sports car, we’d probably make the effort, to be honest).

The deal was set up just for Valentine’s Day, but you never know… if you really want that Ferrari, they may still honour the offer. There’s no word if anyone actually claimed their free Ferrari or not.

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