New Proposal Trend: Literally Fly Her To The Moon

Okay fine, not literally to it, but you CAN get close. Seriously.

Picture the scene: it’s the Spring of 2022. You’ve arranged for her and you to take a week off work, and you’re whisking her away to the exotic location of… the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida. You’ll enjoy a candlelit dinner and a romantic stroll (okay maybe not, but hey, we’re trying to set the mood here), then you’ll board a rocket and be launched into space. Destination: Moon. Yes, really.

We’ve all heard tell of Space Tourism becoming a real thing that people can actually do in the not too distant future. Well, now we have a date; March 2022! That’s when Apoteo Surprise will send the first happy couple into space on a week-long, literally out of this world tour to view the earth from really, really far away and the Moon from, well, not so far away.

The catch? It costs $145 million and takes three months of intensive training and preparation beforehand. But hey, if you make some really, really smart investments over the next few years it could happen! Here’s what’s in store for you:

First, you’ll need to pass a physical and medical condition assessment. Then, you’ll embark on three months of ‘cardio training sessions, high-G training and centrifuge, acclimation to microgravity through a series of parabolic flights on board a Boeing 727, acclimation to high accelerations and speed changes on board a fighter jet flying over Mach 2, complete presentation of the spaceship and of the flight schedule, stress management strategies and emergency simulations’. Phew.

Source: EarthSky

Training complete, you’ll be stuffed into a space suit and strapped into your seat for the 500,000 km journey. You’ll feel the burn of 3G acceleration in the first few minutes, then the rocket will separate and just as you begin to feel weightless, some Strauss will play in your headset. Earth will get smaller and smaller and you’ll inch gracefully towards the Moon – although in reality you’ll actually hurtle towards it at over 38,000 km per hour.

You’ll fly over the surface of the moon at height of just 200-300 km, close enough to see its craters in detail. At this point, you’ll temporarily lose all communication with earth for around 30 minutes – meaning it really is just the two of you, with nobody to disturb the moment. Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ will begin playing, and this is your cue to pop the question. Don’t worry – your spacesuit even has a special space to keep the engagement ring secure.

Once the magic moment has passed, you’ll see an unforgettable view of the Earth rising from the Moon’s horizon as you make your way back home. Communication will be re-established and you can enjoy the last few hours of weightlessness and ‘cosmic tranquility’ before a (hopefully) smooth landing.

Sign us up.

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