This Footballers Mid-Game Proposal Didn’t Go Very Well!

But not for the reason you might expect…

Guam football team Napa Rovers are doing pretty well right now in the country’s version of the Premier League. They beat a star team, Guam Shipyard, and one player scored an epic goal to win the game.

Ashton Surber hit the back of the net with a dexterous bicycle kick, and as some footballers are wont to do, celebrated by taking off his shirt and running around. Underneath his jersey however, he was wearing a white t-shirt.

Guess what was written on the t-shirt? ‘Marry Me?’ – intended for Ashton’s girlfriend, who was in the crowd watching. Ashton got down on one knee right in front of her, and was about to get an answer when the referee caught up.

Instead of congratulating him for a super cute proposal however, the referee booked him with a yellow card! According to FIFA regulations, any player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal is displaying unsporting behaviour and should be cautioned. So romance has no place on the football pitch, apparently.

Ashton was completely undeterred by the warning however, and blew his girlfriend – who said yes, by the way – a kiss before carrying on with the game. Watch the video below which Ashton uploaded to YouTube himself, saying ‘the only goal that could ever matter in my life, is the one i score to make you my wife… yesterday i asked my biggest fan if she would watch my games for the rest of her life…she said yes. #goals #literally …I wanted to give my biggest fan the proposal she’ll remember for a lifetime and then some…’

A yellow card seems like a small price to pay for a 5-1 win and a new fiancee if you ask us. Congratulations Ashton!

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