What does your Engagement Ring’s Setting say about You?

4settingsYour engagement ring is something you wear all day, every day. It doesn’t change with your chosen outfit of the day, it never gets replaced for something newer or better, and you never get sick of wearing it. Therefore, it’s one of the only true reflections of your personal style. The setting you choose for your stone says a lot about your tastes and your lifestyle. So, which one are you?



You have a timeless style and are just a little bit traditional at heart. You most likely love wearing jewellery, and your engagement ring with its beautiful, sparkling diamond raised high is the show-stopping piece in your collection. With such a simple setting that exposes your diamond to the most light possible, you probably spent plenty of time finding the best quality diamond out there – and it shows!


bar_ring_settingsOne diamond simply wasn’t enough for you! You love having something beautiful to look at on your finger, but practicality was a concern too. So rather than opt for a prong setting which could easily catch on clothes or get bumped off hard surfaces, you chose a simple bar setting so that your stones wouldn’t be raised too high – plus it meant you got three diamonds instead of one!


channel_ring_settingsYou lead an active lifestyle and your ring will be put through a lot of wear and tear over the coming years; so a safe and secure setting was the only choice. You don’t claim to be attention seeking, but you still like a little bit of glam; so rather than a whopping central stone, you went for several small ones set into your metal band instead. Good choice!



You’re not afraid to be a little daring, and you wanted your engagement ring to really make a statement. When it comes to sparkle, the more the better with you, and a halo setting means that you get as much bling for your buck as possible. You may even have gone the extra mile and chosen some coloured gemstones like emeralds or sapphires for your halo.


semi_bezel_ring_settingsYou wanted the best of both worlds when it came to security and sparkle. You’re a contemporary lady and you’re probably also quite active – but you still love to look nice when the occasional calls for it. A bezel setting gave you the security you were looking for with your diamond, but with the top half still exposed you still get plenty of light and sparkle on your finger.



You’re a bargain hunter and a trend setter, and you have a very clear idea of what you like! A cluster setting was the only option for you; all of the size of a huge diamond with none of the cost. You also have a creative side, and probably spend a good deal of time poring over different cluster designs before deciding on the ring that was for you.

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