This is Definitely the Best Proposal You’ll See Today


Every proposal is special in its own way, but we have to admit this one is a little more special than all the rest. Ever. Seriously.

Andrea Diaz was in her doctor’s office for a not so routine visit. She recently had a cochlear implant and was getting her new hearing device switched on, allowing her to hear people’s voices and everyday noises for the first time. We can all agree that’s a pretty big, life-changing kind of moment, right?

As you can imagine, when the device gets switched on and she finally has noise to go with the sights, things get a little emotional. She hears her mother’s voice for the first time, marvels at how everything is strange and new, and naturally becomes a bit emotional. Then, it gets a whole lot worse (or better, depending on your outlook).

Her boyfriend, who was also present in the office, speaks to her too. He says that he wanted one of the first things she heard to be him asking her to marry him. Then he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. And we haven’t stopped crying happy tears since…

Naturally, Andrea said yes, followed by a rather endearing ‘I can hear your voice’. The absolutely adorable video below is a must watch, but only if you have tissues at the ready or are in a place where you can safely become a snivelling mess.

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