Everyone’s Worst Engagement Ring Nightmare Just Happened to This Woman…


When you first get engaged, you never want to take your ring off. It’s like a newborn baby – you want to keep it safe and not let it out of your sight for a second. But after a few months, it naturally becomes a part of your everyday life – a beautiful part that you still admire constantly – but an everyday part none the less.

Californian Bride to Be Carrisa Wolter lived everyone’s worst nightmare when she fell victim to this natural state of affairs. Wolter was cleaning her make-up brushes and took her beautiful diamond engagement ring off to do so. She wrapped it in tissue paper for safekeeping. So far, nothing to worry about.

BUT – she also built up a pile of tissues during the cleaning process. And when she was finished, the quickest way to get rid of them all was to flush them down the tissues.

Can you guess what happened?

That’s right – the tissue-wrapped ring got flushed too. Wolter immediately realised her mistake and rushed back to look, but it was already flushed. She and her fiancee took apart the entire toilet, to no avail.

“I thought my engagement ring was gone,” she told ABC News. “I didn’t want another one, I wanted that one. My fiancee worked so hard to get it for me.”

As a last resort, they called their local community services, who agreed to take a look in the sewers closest to their home.


To the huge relief of Carissa and her fiancee, the community servicemen were able to recover the ring; by a stroke of luck, their home was located at the end of a low-flow sewer main, and the ring hadn’t travelled too far – yet. They got it out just in time by placing a trap and running water through it, returning the ring to a very happy Carissa.

“A ring like that is very important and we’re just happy we were able to do our best to successfully recover it” a spokesperson said.

We just hope you get it professionally cleaned before you wear it again, Carissa!

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