Patrick Schwarzenegger Proposes with a “Toi et Moi” Ring: The Details

Actor Patrick Schwarzenegger and model Abby Champion announced their engagement over Christmas, and we need to talk about it.

Patrick, 30, proposed to Abby, 26, against the backdrop of an oversized heart-shaped wreath adorned with red roses, creating a picturesque scene on a sandy beach covered in rose petals.

Schwarzenegger, known for his roles in HBO’s “The Staircase” and Prime Video’s “Gen V,” is the son of the Arnold Schwarzenegger, whilst Abby holds her own as one of the world’s top runway and print models.

The couple made their relationship public in February 2016, and the pair have only gone from strength to strength. A joint Instagram carousel posted on December 26th showcased the couple’s latest joy, with the ring stealing the spotlight in the first photo.

Here’s everything we know about the sparkler.

What Ring Did Patrick Schwarzenegger Propose With?

Patrick Schwarzenegger's engagement ring

Abby’s engagement ring is a distinctive “toi et moi” ring.  

The “toi et moi” ring holds a romantic symbolism, representing the union of two souls becoming one. The French phrase translates to “you and me” in English. The concept traces back to Napoleon Bonaparte, who presented a similar ring to Josephine in 1796, featuring two pear-shaped gemstones— one diamond and one sapphire —set in opposite directions.

In Abby’s case, her unique ring also features two bezel-set diamonds of different shapes, arranged side by side on a yellow gold band. These appear to be round- and pear-shaped diamonds in a “tube bezel” setting, which allows the diamonds to be admired from the top, emphasizing their individual shapes while concealing the sides.
The couple shared their news (and our first look at the ring) with a post captioned: “Forever and ever,” accompanied by heart and ring emojis. We’re not crying, you are.

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