Trend Alert: Temporary Engagement Rings


This UK jeweller has had the best idea ever…

No matter what way you look at it, buying an engagement ring is a big deal. You’re spending a lot of money on a piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life – so no pressure. How can you be sure that the ring you pick now will be something you’ll still like in 10, 20, 50 years? How can your other half be sure to pick the right ring if you’re not there to guide him?

Beaverbrooks, a UK based jeweller, has had the best lightbulb moment of all time to take the stress out of what should be a joyous occasion for all. Temporary engagement rings! These are replicas of a selection of diamond engagement rings in their collection, but made with costume jewellery-type materials. These ‘fake’ rings have the exact same design as the real rings, but a MUCH more affordable price tag (think somewhere around $50 – $80).

If a bride or groom-to-be sees a style they think could be a winner, but don’t want to fork over all that cash just yet, they can simply buy a replica ring. Grooms can use it for their proposal and, if their bride likes it, they can then come back for the real deal. Brides can get to know their potential engagement ring by wearing it for a few weeks to see how it fits into their daily lives, and to see if they really do like the style. If the replica ting is a hit, its cost is deducted from the price of the diamond version.

Beaverbrooks have started with 15 replica rings from their engagement collection, and we have to say, they’re all very, very nice. And guess what? You can buy your chosen style online, taking even less stress out of the equation! This one is our personal favourite:


The jewellers say they came up with the idea after conducting a customer survey, where a massive 72% of women said they wouldn’t trust their partner to choose their engagement ring! They describe the collection as ‘transitory but beautiful’, and we wholeheartedly agree. We can’t wait to see if this is a trend that catches on among jewellery stores around the world.

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