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Get the point… literally!

The navette ring is a very old and quintessentially vintage design, and we’re delighted to see it making waves in the world of engagement rings once again. If you’re looking for an alternative ring with a vintage vibe and a style that has the wow factor, you can stop searching. This is it.

The navette ring was one of the many styles that was in vogue for a time during the expansive Victorian era. Literally meaning ‘little ship’, the design is, well, shaped like a tiny little ship. It’s elongated and pointed at the ends, much like a marquise cut diamond. However, the two are not interchangeable; marquise diamonds are often a feature of navette rings, but it’s the setting that has the shape, not necessarily the stones.

In typical Victorian style, navette rings are large, elaborate and usually colourful. Their pointed shape elongates the finger and certainly makes a bold statement – and can also be a dangerous weapon, although we don’t condone fist fights of any sort! They are often made up of clustered stones in various layouts and colours to create pieces that can’t help but grab attention. Channel set stones are common, with a centre stone adding the finishing touch to the design often with a prong setting.

The best part is that there is a huge variety of navette rings, antique and new, on the market today. The style enjoyed another surge in popularity during the exhibitionist art deco era, so there really is something for every type of bride to be. Here are just a few of our favourites…

For the traditional bride…


For those who want a subtle twist on the classic engagement ring style, this small-scale navette ring design is perfect. It’s got the vital ingredients of diamonds and platinum, while the marquise cut stone and milgrain detail brings in the vintage vibe. This one in particular uses cubic zirconia and costs $35, but there are plenty of ‘real deal’ pieces just like it.

For the not so traditional bride…


This is a navette ring that makes a real statement, showcases exquisite craftsmanship, and even has a little splash of colour. The elaborate setting is the focal point rather than stones used, although the diamond and sapphire combination is beautiful as always. The shape of this ring also means it sits low on the finger for a comfortable fit.

For the on-trend bride…


This design combines four current trends in a really spectacular way; opals, rose gold, oval cut stones and navette rings! Perfect for the fashion forward bride who dresses to impress wherever she goes. We love how the little inset diamonds complement the opals and add a hint of extra sparkle, plus the split band is a nice contemporary touch too.

For the vintage loving bride…


Go for the truest form of the navette ring with this yellow gold and diamond number. The claw like prongs and a dazzling cluster of round brilliant diamonds is just what the Victorians would have worn – especially since this one is an antique dating from 1880! Bear in mind that with similar designs, the centre stones may be less secure.

For the colour loving bride…


One of the most common navette ring designs is a marquise centre stone in the form of a coloured gem, surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. We’re in love with the bright pop of colour this turquoise stone offers up, and the diamond halo only draws more attention to it. If it’s not quite your thing there are plenty of styles with rubies, sapphires and emeralds too.

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