This New Site Helps You Decide on your Dream Engagement Ring

One of the best things about shopping for engagement rings today is the huge amount of choice available. Whatever your dream ring looks like, you can find it relatively easy. But on the flipside, if you don’t know what your perfect engagement ring looks like the wide variety of styles out there can quickly become overwhelming.

Sparkly is about to change that completely. This website and platform is totally dedicated to helping brides find ‘the’ ring. We all know how easy it is to browse Pinterest or Instagram for ringspiration. However, those feeds don’t tell you all the nitty gritty details that, if you’re really serious about buying an engagement ring, you definitely need to know. We’re talking carat size, stone and design details… all that concrete info that a filtered snap can’t tell you.

The site contains endless shots of real engagement rings worn by real brides, and offers detailed filters like hand size, setting style, and details on the band that tickle your fancy. Browse from a curated gallery of images by the Sparkly team or start a tailored search specific to what you want (or think you might like). Fiddle with your chosen filters, and Sparky will whittle down their countless options to find the ones that match your vision.

The site is especially useful for seeing how a certain ring design would look on your finger. You can choose your skin tone and ring size, and images matching those criteria will come up. When you’ve found a couple of design contenders, you’ll also be able to shop for that style around the web. Well, you will soon – Sparkly are planning to introduce that feature in the near future.

Perhaps the most useful feature of all however is the ability to share your top ring designs. You can share with your friends to get the all important second, third, and fourth opinions. AND you can share with your fiance to drop some serious hints – but don’t worry, you won’t be notified if he/she views your rings. The element of surprise will still be there!

We think this a really useful tool that can be a huge help to indecisive brides to be… or for those still dreaming of that big romantic moment!

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