Would you Trade your Engagement Ring for a Boat?

Ryan Sperrer is a fishing fanatic from Australia’s Northern Territory, He loves being out on the water, but he’s in need of a boat to get full enjoyment from his favourite hobby. The solution? Sell his fiance’s engagement ring, obviously!

We’ll let Ryan explain in his own words…

“We got engaged about five years ago but things went a bit sour and pear-shaped and we’ve broken up since. I just had this engagement ring sitting in my parents’ safe, so I thought what use is that to me when I want a toy?”

You have to admit, his logic is sound. Rather than give the engagement ring to his former lover, save it for his next one or sell it outright, Ryan came up with an alternative idea. He posted an ad on a ‘buy, sell, swap and wanted page’ in Darwin seeking someone willing to swap a boat for an engagement ring!

“I just wanted to have a shout-out to see if any guys out there had a small crabbing boat or a tinny, something between about $5,000 and $10,000. And if they want to be silly enough to get engaged then give me a holler.” He also commented “I’ve got to pay the house off and I can’t afford a toy, so why not make some use out of it?”

The ad received plenty of attention in Australia, with Ryan making appearances on radio stations and local papers. He says he’s received a few legitimate responses to his ad, but has yet to find ‘the one’. He’s decided to bide his time and wait for the boat of his dreams. He may be unlucky in love, but let’s hope he has a bit more luck with this!

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