This is The Weirdest Place a Diamond Has Ever Shown Up

Not what you expect to find when you’re enjoying a tasty snack…

Cumbrian bride to be Sally Thomson got a bit of a shock recently when she found what she thought was a diamond…. Inside a boiled egg!

Set to walk up to aisle next month, Sally has been on a strict diet so she can look her best on her big day – that means lots of healthy foods like boiled eggs. Having cooked a batch to eat over a few days, Sally bit into one and felt something like gristle in her mouth. Turns out it was a tiny glittering gem!

Sally was understandably a little confused, initially thinking the diamond had somehow come from her or was misplaced by someone picking up the egg box in the supermarket. But nope, turns out the diamond – which turned out to be cubic zirconium after a jeweller examined it – was probably embedded into the shell or near the surface of the egg.

How does something as weird as that happen? Apparently the most likely scenario is that the chicken somehow came across the stone and swallowed it. It may have gotten stuck at an intestine exit and when the egg was passing on its way to be laid, the CZ got swept away. The egg shell doesn’t harden until it hits the air, so that explains how it stayed undetected until Sally took her first bite!

Either way with Sally about to get hitched, we think finding a random gemstone is a pretty good sign. Here’s to a long and happy marriage!

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