This is Officially the Most Popular Engagement Ring Design

Pinterest has spoken…

Social media has given us a lot of things – constant contact with friends and family, a platform for sharing information, funny viral videos…. And endless inspiration for engagement rings!

If you’re a bride to be, a fiancee-to-be, or just a hopeless romantic, we guarantee you’ve spent some time browsing Instagram and Pinterest for wedding and engagement ring ideas. And we guarantee you’ve gotten lost down an internet rabbit hole of beautiful diamonds and vintage designs, too. You’re 100% not alone.

Pinterest recently released their 2017 Wedding Report, and among other things, it revealed what the most popular engagement ring on the site was. It was a custom made piece for future bride Sylvia Billone and was saved 103,900 times at the time the report was published (we’re guessing it’s much more than that by now).

Sylvia’s ring features a 1.22 carat round brilliant diamond on a 2 millimetre rose gold band. The stone sits in a sweet and simple four prong setting, and she chose to pair it with an art-deco inspired wedding band consisting of tiny round diamonds (in alternating round and marquise bezel settings) in a rose gold setting. It’s a contemporary take on the classic design, and it’s utterly captivating.

She didn’t disclose how much it cost, but Huffington Post reports that the closest matching design from Tiffany and Co. clocks in at over $16,000. Worth it, if you ask us.

If you’re interested, some other wedding trends from Pinterest’s report include off-shoulder wedding dresses, build your own taco bars, drip cakes and the colour pink!

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