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Guess what, we’ve said all of this stuff many times before. Told you we were right…

Vogue is considered to be the pinnacle of fashion. If you’re a model and you appear on a Vogue cover or spread, you know you’ve made it. If you’re a fashion designer and your creations are featured on their pages, same deal. Vogue never puts one foot wrong when it comes to fashion sense or advice – in fact they’re responsible for influencing fashion trends on a regular basis.

So when we heard they’d published a comprehensive guide to caring for engagement rings, we were curious. And it turns out they offer all of the same tips and tricks that we do. Clearly they’ve been reading this blog. Here’s a rundown of what Vogue advises when it comes to caring for your engagement ring…

Cleaning: Do so regularly (but not obsessively). Dirt and oil gathers in all those nooks and crannies between the stone and the setting, which blocks the light interactions in the stone – meaning your diamond becomes less sparkly. It can be easily cleaned at home; just drop it into a bowl of warm water with a few drops of soap, let it sit for a while, then gently scrub it all over with a soft bristled toothbrush (a baby brush is ideal). Rinse it off then pat it dry. Voila.

When not to wear it: Vogue recommends taking your ring off (we know, we know, you love it so much, but trust us) during vigorous exercise like tennis, golf etc. This is particularly true if your ring has lots of small stones as they tend to pop out more easily than others. Beach days are also no-nos because swimming affects your body temperature and causes your fingers to shrink slightly – meaning your ring can slip off and be swallowed up by the ocean. And when you’re washing your hands, DON’T take it off. You will forget to put it back on one day.


Insurance: How many times do we – and Vogue – have to say it? Get your ring insured as soon as possible, ideally before it leaves the jewellery store. Get a valuation from your jeweller then call your insurer add it to your existing property insurance. It only takes a maximum of two phone calls! Do it. Today,

Resizing: Don’t jump the gun and get your ring resized if it doesn’t feel right straight away. Various factors (temperature, weight, activity, etc.) make your fingers swell slightly from day to day and season to season. If it feels too loose or too tight consistently for several weeks, then talk to you jeweller about resizing. Also make sure that in the process of resizing, any inscription on the underside of the ring isn’t disturbed.

Inspecting: Examine your ring every once in a while to make sure it’s still in top condition. Hold it close to your ear and give it a shake. If you hear a rattling noise, that’s a bad sign; it means the stone has loosened from its setting and is at risk of falling out. Look closely at the prongs; if one is shorter than the rest or looks out of shape, take it to your jeweller pronto. Vintage or antique engagement rings will need checking more regularly.

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