Brayden Bowers Crashes The Wedding: Let’s Talk About The Ring

We need to talk about Christina Mandrell’s engagement ring!

On January 4th, The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist said “I do” in a ceremony filled with friends, family and fellow members of Bachelor Nation. While the nuptials were beautiful, it was actually a pre-ceremony guest proposal that set tongues wagging.

The culprit was “Bachelorette” star Brayden Bowers, who dropped to one knee to propose to girlfriend and “Bachelor” alum Christina Mandrell “I have no doubts that I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” Bowers, told her (and the rest of the guests at the Golden wedding.

Now, many would say it’s bad faith to propose during someone else’s wedding. And many online did, with one user saying “Brayden literally breaking wedding etiquette rule #1 which is don’t propose at someone else’s wedding.” Under normal circumstances we’d agree, but we were distracted by the rose gold engagement ring. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the ring that sealed the deal.

What Does Christina Mandrell’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

brayden bowers christina mandrell engagement ring

Rose gold. A Lot of rose gold. 

Unlike the solitaire emeralds and understated designs sweeping the world of celebrity engagements at the moment, Bower’s proposed with a ring set in 18k rose gold. It centers a princess cut diamond that’s surrounded by a two-tiered halo of small, round brilliant-cut diamonds to a diamond band.

Designed by Neil Lane, the ring has over 109 diamonds with a total approximate weight of 1.75 carats. It’s hard to ignore the romantic glow of the rose gold and it’s unique retro vibe. he princess cut engagement ring is associated with a sense of modern romance. Its contemporary yet timeless appeal makes it a popular choice for couples who want a balance between tradition and modernity in their engagement symbol. That describes Brayden and Christina to a tee. While they’ve only been dating for around four months, they’ve both found exactly what they needed in each other.

“From the experiences we both had like we both came into this show just wanting love,” Brayden shared. “We both had hard, challenging roads in different ways, and we were both, I feel like, misunderstood. And it’s like two misunderstood people that understand each other.”

Who Designed Christina’s Engagement Ring?

Neil Lane, of course. Neil Lane is a renowned American jeweler known for his exquisite and luxurious engagement rings. He is the exclusive jewelry designer for Bachelor Nation, providing engagement rings for the contestants. His designs are celebrated for their timeless elegance, intricate detailing, and use of exceptional gemstones. This one, is no different.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I can’t wait to see who crashes their wedding with a surprise proposal.

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