Proposing? Freaking Out About The Engagement Ring? Get This

There’s a very common scenario among guys of a certain age these days. You’ve been in a relationship for a few years now, and everything’s going great. You’re both ready to take it up a notch and get hitched. You’re planning a surprise proposal and you know she’ll say yes, but there’s one pretty important thing you have no idea how to do… pick out the perfect engagement ring. Sound familiar? Well, finally, one jeweler has come up with a pretty cool solution…

Helzberg have debuted a ‘Will You?’ ring, which costs just $50 and is billed as a ‘placeholder’ engagement ring. That means you can still do the surprise proposal, you’ll still have a ring to make the whole thing complete, but you don’t have the pressure of choosing something she needs to love for the rest of her life. After she says yes, you can pick ‘the’ ring together so she’ll definitely end up with something she’s always dreamed of. Everybody wins, right?

The ‘Will You?’ ring comes in a traditional ring box with a few extra details. On the inside lid, it says ‘the first of many things we’ll do together’. The ring itself (a silver-tone band) is then inscribed with the words ‘this is a ring, not the ring.’ To really make the point clear, there’s also an enclosed pamphlet that reads ‘I love you more than I trust myself to pick something you’re going to wear on your hand. Every day. For eternity. You’re the one. But this ring isn’t. Let’s pick one out together.’

Researching their customer base and their buying decisions, Helzberg found a strong trend of couples picking out engagement rings together, but still wanting the engagement to be a surprise. The ‘Will You?’ ring was a no-brainer solution, but they’re also sweetening the deal for couples ready to pick the real deal ring. If you return to a Helzberg outlet having purchased a placeholder ring, you’ll get $200 off a ring priced from $999 to $1,998, or $400 off rings costing $1,999 and above.

Feast your eyes on this promo video for a closer look, and read more here: 

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