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Brilliant Cut Halo by Engagement Ring Bible


Since this is one of the most popular designs we get asked about I’ve decided to start with the brilliant cut halo. The halo refers to the circle of diamonds around the centre stone. If you like the look of a halo ring but need to know the pros and cons and full details before you say yes, then read on!


The halo setting is when a circle (or halo) of diamonds surrounds the centre stone. These are most often pavé set diamonds. Pavé just refers to the setting not the diamonds. The diamonds are round brilliant cut. Halos frame the main diamond beautifully and give a softer more vintage look to a round solitaire.


Halos tend to have two different setting types. Usually the centre stone is set with a claw/prong style setting. These can be single or double claws. You will also see halo rings with a bezel setting, this is where the metal surrounds the stone completely. So it looks like it is sitting in to a very thin frame of gold/platinum.

The smaller diamonds on the halo and down the shank of the ring are set with a micro pave setting.


Diamond Cut

As we are looking at the round halo ring the cut would most often be a brilliant cut round diamond. You can get other round cut diamonds but brilliant is by far the most popular. This is due to the amazing sparkle it gives. The brilliant cut has evolved over time to what we now cal a modern brilliant cut which has 58 facets.

The smaller diamonds which make up the halo are also brilliant cut diamonds.



  • Increased size – the addition of the halo is a cost effective way to make your centre stone look much larger.
  • Contrast – the halo is a great way to mix different setting styles and contrast the larger centre stone with lots of intricate pavé detail.
  • Suits all hands – because the halo tends to take up a lot of the top of the band you will find it suits practically all hands. If you love solitaires but they just look a little bit bare and lost on your finger a halo is definitely the way to go.
  • Wedding Ring Is An Easy Decision – Because of the style of the halo there are only a few wedding bands that will sit perfectly with it. You can match the pave setting of the halo or opt for a plain wedding ring if the band of your engagement ring is plain.


  • Safety – While engagement rings are made to last they still require care and attention over the years of wear. The more diamonds you have the more chance you have of losing one. With all the smaller pavé set diamonds prepare to lose at least one in the lifetime of the ring.
  • Shaped Wed – Some halo rings are not what we call ‘wedding fit’ so require that the wedding ring be shaped around the curve of the halo. If you want a straight wedding band then be sure to mention this when buying the engagement ring not after!
  • Diamond Set wed – While some halo engagement rings work well with a plain wedding band the majority of halo designs out there sit better with a diamond set wedding ring. As the addition of diamonds will increase the price this is something to take in to account when it comes to budgeting for your wedding!


Similar Celebrity Rings

Jennifer Hudson opted for not one but two halos around her gorgeous brilliant cut diamond.


Katie Piper went for the classic halo with the slight spilt shank detail, very similar to our brilliant cut halo!


Credit: Katie Piper/Instagram
Credit: Katie Piper/Instagram


Alternative Styles

Halo rings don’t have to be just round, square, cushion and oval work just as well and work in the same way as we discussed with the brilliant cut.

Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring by us!

Also halos are a great way of introducing some colour to your engagement ring. A gorgeous sapphire, ruby or emerald works wonderfully when surrounded by a halo of diamonds! Don’t be limited to only these coloured stones, using a setting like a classic halo means you can be more creative with your centre stone colour choice like this aquamarine and diamond engagement ring we made.


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All the rings pictured are by Eileen at Engagement Ring Bible. If you would like to know more email us at [email protected]


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