Is the Halo Setting on the Way Out?

If the Internet is to be believed, it could be…

The halo setting has been around for a long, long time, but in recent years it seems to have taken over engagement rings. This romantic design surrounds your centre stone with a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds or gemstones, and the look has plenty of advantages. Obviously a halo setting adds plenty of extra sparkle to your engagement ring; but at a glance, it can also make your diamond look up to half a carat bigger than it really is. Halos also evoke that vintage, feminine, romantic look that’s so on-trend right now AND pretty much every celebrity engagement ring features a halo setting. So it’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular.

So why would they possibly be falling out of favour?

The most likely explanation is pretty simple; BECAUSE they’ve become so popular! Halo settings are so ubiquitous now, and every bride wants their engagement ring to be unique and special. When the halo setting enjoyed the beginning of its surge in popularity a few years back, it was a forgotten style that hadn’t really been used since the Art Deco era (i.e the 1920s). But that’s not the case now – the halo setting has been firmly re-established. So newly engaged ladies looking for some ring inspiration are seeing halos everywhere they look, and in many cases they’re deciding against them.

As a result of this, different styles are naturally gaining popularity once again. With the unveiling of Meghan Markle’s stunning three-stone ring from Prince Harry, you can bet a lot of money that this will be the most sought-after engagement ring style for a year or two. Many other high-profile celebrities are also opting for more traditional, classy styles like solitaires (albeit with GIGANTIC diamonds).

So is the halo setting gone for good? Absolutely not. For one thing, vintage inspired styles are still huge right now. We won’t see the halo setting disappear – it’ll just become a little less popular and have some pretty tough competition for a while. And even if it does become absent from jewellery shop windows, it won’t be forever. Like all areas of fashion, engagement ring trends change every year. Remember when yellow gold was ‘the worst’, and it was all about white gold and platinum? Remember when barely anyone had heard of rose gold? It’s the same with gemstones and settings. Halo today, gone tomorrow… but back the day after that.

If you’re the proud owner of a halo engagement ring, then never fear. Your style will be back en vogue before you know it… and anyway, who cares? As long as YOU love YOUR ring, nothing else matters!

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