Check Out This Stunning Engagement Ring A Groom Made BY HAND!

Husband goals…

Josiah Dyment is not a jeweller. He’s a security guard at a museum and has no background in jewellery making, designing or metalwork. But when he decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Cayla, he didn’t want to just go out and buy an engagement ring. He wanted it to be special and one of a kind, and the only way to truly achieve that was… to make it himself, from scratch!

Josiah spent 18 months – yes, a year and a half – learning and practicing the techniques he needed to use to make the ring, and even building the equipment needed too! “After looking at different rings and researching jewellers, I started finding information about the tools and techniques used to make jewellery. I found that the more I began to break down the process of how engagement rings are made, the more confident I felt that it was possible to make one from home” he said.

He built an electric kiln to cut down on costs, and self-taught himself the casting process, stone setting, wax carving, and the science behind it all to boot. And he did it all while living in the same house as Cayla, sneaking away for an hour or two behind her back to work on this very special project.

Although he spent well over a year learning how to make the engagement ring, the actual creation of the final design only took Josiah one month. The finished piece is seriously impressive, featuring a beautiful rose cut coloured stone in an intricate setting that includes hand carved leaves on the shoulders.

Josiah documented the entire process and has kindly shared it with the world. See how he made the engagement ring from start to finish below, as well as the sweet moment when he got down on one knee!

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