3 Ways To Secretly Find Out Her Ring Size (Plus Two Extra Tips)

Are you planning a super secret surprise proposal? If you want your big moment to go off without a hitch, do not forget this one vital detail; picking a ring that actually fits!

Getting that ‘yes’ is the best feeling in the world, but not being able to slip that sparkling diamond over her knuckle (or worse, squeezing it on and then having her finger swell up!) kind of dampens the excitement. You want her to be able to show off her new bling straight away, right? So take time to try and get this part right. Here’s how to measure her ring size with without spoiling the surprise…

Firstly, how do ring sizes work?

Ring sizes measure the inside circumference of a ring, and will almost match the circumference of the ring finger (with a little wiggle room factored in). In the US sizes are denoted with numbers, with half and quarter sizes like 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8. In the UK, Australia and most of Europe, letters are used instead. All jewellers can measure ring sizes for you in seconds, and many can also provide you with your own ring sizer to take home. The average ring size for most women is around 6 – 7, or M – O.   

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Method 1: Find an accomplice

This is the most obvious method, and also the easiest… provided her family and friends can keep a secret. If she has a gal pal or a close family member that you can absolutely trust not to spill the beans, then let them in on the plan. A perfect scenario is if she has a newly engaged friend and wants to see her ring – that friend can just let her try it on, and you can go a size up or a size down depending on how it fits. If that can’t happen, you can always try a double bluff – get a guy friend to pretend he’s planning on buying a ring and needs her help for ring sizing. Said friend can report back to you.

Method 2: Become a burglar

Please note: we DO NOT condone any illegal activity, and this does NOT mean you should start breaking into jewellery stores or robbing banks. However, in the interest of keeping the proposal a surprise, it’s totally okay to snoop around your girlfriend’s jewellery box. She’ll forgive you (probably). When you’re certain she’s not about to walk in on you, ‘borrow’ a ring from her collection. If you have a ring sizer, measure it. If not, and if she doesn’t look in her jewellery box too often, you COULD take it to your jeweller and then put it back asap. But we recommend tracing the inside on a piece of paper instead.

Image Source: Invin

Method 3: Get your bling on

If stealing a ring isn’t possible and if you don’t trust the accuracy of your tracing skills, this method is sure to work. Again, do some jewellery snooping and find a ring you have definitely seen her wearing. Put it on your own ring finger, as far as it will go while feeling snug but not tight. Then, grab a pen and mark a line directly below where the ring is sitting. Your jeweller can then measure your finger perfectly and find your lady’s ring size based on that. Drawing the line below rather than above the ring also means that, if the size isn’t perfect for her, it’ll be slightly too big rather than slightly too small. So she can still wear it comfortably, and it’ll be easy to size down too.

Method 4: Stop panicking

If all of the above fails and you still have no idea what her ring size is, do not freak out. Remember 6 – 7 is the average ring size, so you and your jeweller can make an educated guess based on that. A half size too big or too small is not a disaster – the former may be a little loose but is unlikely to slip off completely. The latter will still fit on her finger without being too uncomfortable. A good jeweller can resize a ring within a couple of days, and some can even do it with a same-day turnaround. So, chill.

Whatever you do, don’t do this…

Please, please, don’t try to become an Oscar-winning actor. If you say, out of the blue, “I need to buy a ring as a gift for, um, my mother. Can you try this one on to see if it fits?”, she’ll see through it straight away. Trust us. Also, don’t try to measure her finger while she’s sleeping…. Just, don’t.

Good luck!

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