10 Sapphire Engagement Rings We LOVE

Because who doesn’t love sapphires?

You may have heard a lot about Princess Diana over the past few months; the late ex-wife of Britain’s Prince Charles and mother of Princes William and Harry passed away 20 years ago this year. She was famous for her humanitarian work, her ‘scandalous’ private life (if you believe the tabloids), her fashion sense, and her status as one of Britain’s most treasured public figures.

And she also had a pretty stunning engagement ring, now worn by William’s wife Kate. It’s a large oval sapphire surrounded by small round diamonds in a white gold setting, and it made headlines all around the world for both of the engagements it was a part of. So in honour of one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, here are 10 sapphire engagement rings we can’t help but fall in love with.

Brilliant Earth Sapphire Hudson Ring

Romantic and vintage inspired with a pop of blue as the centrepiece, this ring is true beauty. We love the delicate hand engraved details and milgrain border. Plus, Brilliant Earth’s gems are all ethically sourced and mined. It’s win win!

Blue Nile Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring

If you love Princess Diana’s engagement ring as much as we do, why not let it be the inspiration for your own bling? Blue Nile has a gorgeous design that’s clearly inspired by the princess’, with the addition of more pave diamonds around the band.

James Allen Oval Sapphire and Rose Gold Ring

This ring combines two of the biggest engagement ring trends of recent years; coloured gemstones and beautiful rose gold metal. In a simple prong setting, this oval sapphire is complemented by round diamonds inset on the band along with beautiful milgrain.

Raymond Lee Sapphire Halo Ring

Florida-based Raymond Lee offers this breathtaking art deco ring, but it ain’t cheap. The round diamond keeps it traditional, while the sapphire halo adds a splash of uniqueness. Check out the super cool statement setting, too.

Trumpet & Horn Lamport Sapphire Ring

LA based Trumpet Horn have been touting vintage engagement rings since 2012 and have some truly astonishing sapphire pieces in their collection. This art nouveau design has a unique layout that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Blue Nile Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Ring

For brides who want a traditional ring with lots of detail and a subtle hint of colour, this is just the ticket. Vintage inspired with yet more milgrain, the band is decorated with marquise diamonds and subtle round sapphires, topped off with a classic round diamond.

The Natural Sapphire Company Emerald Cut Ring

Emerald cuts are glamorous and eye-catching, and even more so in the alluring combination of sapphire and diamond. We love how the accent diamonds taper down in size to match the band, which is in white gold.

Brilliant Earth Intertwined Sapphire Ring

This design looks like a glorious fruit vine, with marquise shaped sapphires intertwined throw the strands of white gold. The centre stone is a larger round sapphire, because the more sapphire the better!

Blue Nile Riviera Sapphire Diamond Pave Ring

Why have one sapphire when you can have ten? For something really non-traditional, consider this pave ring from Blue Nile. It has ten small round sapphires and ten small round diamonds dotted across the band. Dainty and beautiful.

James Allen Diamond Halo Sapphire Ring

This round diamond sapphire gets some added sparkle with two half-moon diamonds at the sides and a diamond halo. Set in 18 carat white gold, this is just the thing for non-traditional brides who like plenty of bling and a pop of colour.


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