What Does Your Engagement Ring’s Stone Shape Say About You?


A lady’s engagement ring says a lot about the kind of person she is – or at least, it says a lot about the kind of person her other half thinks she is! Here are ten different cuts of diamonds and the type of girl you’ll usually see wearing them (emphasis on the word ‘usually’, because every bride is different after all!)

Round Brilliant


The round brilliant diamond is the favoured choice of the more traditional brides out there, usually accompanied by a prong setting and a white gold or platinum band. If you’re the owner of one of these your style is probably understated and timeless, and you don’t need a flashy diamond for your significant other to prove how committed he is to you.



The title says it all – you’re a princess, in your future spouse’s eyes at least. While you prefer something a little more unusual than the ubiquitous round brilliant, you’re still a bit of a traditionalist at heart (go on, admit it). You love the princess cut because it will stand the test of time in the fashion stakes, yet it’s just a little nudge away from the norm too.   



You’re a girl’s girl, and not afraid to show it. In fact, you embrace your femininity every day, and your engagement ring is a big part of that. The pear cut is beautiful, delicate, and has just the right balance of big-impact style without being ostentatious. You definitely have an interest in fashion and probably spent time carefully picking out your dream ring design.



Hollywood glamour is your inspiration where style is concerned – and if the emerald cut is good enough for Amal Clooney and Beyonce, it’s definitely good enough for you. You believe in making a statement – but not in an ‘in your face’ kind of way – and you always choose quality over anything else. A lot of people are probably envious of your ring, too!



Elegance is your middle name. You’re a dedicated follower of fashion through the ages, and you most likely selected this unusual yet classic style after lots of research and even more careful consideration. You’re not afraid to try new things and make bold choices, and it pays off for you every single time. You’ve turned plenty of heads already with your marquise ring.



You’re definitely not a traditional bride. Your style is contemporary and avant-garde, and you’re not afraid to experiment or go for something that’s a little more ‘out there’. You live in the moment and when it comes to fashion and jewellery, you choose what feels right at the time rather than worrying about what trends and styles will be in the future.



You love golden age glamour, and icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are your idols. You most likely looked to them for style inspiration when it came to picking out your engagement ring, and it may well be a vintage piece from their era. You aim to turn heads and get people talking. In short, you’re a classic!



You’re a unique mix of a traditionalist and an alternative – and with it’s vintage leanings and tendency to appear in the form of coloured gemstones, the aascher cut is right up your street. We’re willing to bet money that you went for a vintage piece with a coloured central stone like sapphire or rhodolite, with a diamond halo. Are we wrong?



The unusual radiant cut diamond and the fact that you’re wearing it on your finger is a clear expression that you’re one of a kind. You chose one of the least common – and arguably one of the most beautiful – cuts to wear on your finger. If you didn’t already know, it’s called ‘radiant’ because of their dazzling glow and eye catching colour – not unlike you!



Other members of the heart-shaped diamond club are Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. There’s only one thing to conclude from this fact: you’re a diva. Everybody admires you and everybody wants to please you – and you own it. A heart shaped diamond also means your other half really isn’t kidding around; they’re one of the most difficult cuts to get right, and it takes considerable skill.

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