Want a Bespoke Engagement Ring? Why Not Hold a Personal Design Contest?


No, seriously. This is a thing…

Lots of brides have the same experience of not being able to find an engagement ring that perfectly matches their style. They spend hours looking on the web and in jewellery store windows to no avail. Maybe they have their hearts set on a non-traditional stone or design that just can’t be found in any of the usual places. Maybe they want a bespoke ring so they can be creatively involved in its making. Or maybe they just want everything about their ring to be completely unique to them.

Well believe it or not, there’s a way to get all three in one!

Gem Prive are a London based online business that source designers from all around the world to create unique pieces of jewellery. Jewellers submit artistic renderings of their designs, and the ones that prove most popular and receive the most pre-orders are added to the company’s collection and made to order. The designers receive 10% of the profits and a hefty cash prize if their pieces are selected.  The jewellery available so far (which includes pendants, earrings, rings, and more) is seriously creative, forward thinking, and colourful. Perfect if you’re a non-traditional bride looking for a non-traditional engagement ring.

As well as that, Gem Prive ensure all of their gems are top quality (the lowest diamond grading they’ll accept is SI2), and the more valuable ones come with a GIA certificate. From design to delivery, the whole process only takes a few weeks.

But here’s the fun part. They also do bespoke pieces for their clients. Send them your ideas, inspiration and other designs you like and they’ll organise a Personal Design Contest for you from their pool of creative talent. Their jewellers will submit designs based on your brief, you can pick your favourite, and they’ll make it for you.

You’ll get detailed descriptions and pictures of the piece, then they’ll create a model and send it to you to try out. Once you’re happy, they’ll finish it off with your chosen materials and customised details (such as engraving, etc.).

At the moment Gem Prive are running a competition for an engagement ring/wedding band combo using yellow gold, black opal and diamonds. Check out the results here.


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