Trend Alert: Engagement Ring Finger Piercings?!


This is one trend we’re not so sure about…

We’ve heard of people piercing all parts of their bodies, but we we clearly living under a rock when finger piercings became a thing. And when engagement ring finger piercings became a thing, we were obviously living on another planet entirely.

Yes, you read that right. Some brides on the far end of the alternative spectrum are shunning traditional ‘slip it on your finger’ type rings in favour of actually attaching their engagement rings to their fingers in the form of a piercing. Some opt for a stud piercing where just the diamond is on show, but some choose even more mind-bending designs where the stone sits on the end of a pole that slips under the skin and out the other end to attach to a band.

Now we’re all for trying new things, and we have to admit that this does look kind of cool. But we have some practical concerns with this trend. For one thing, what happens if the stone snags on something? Lots of pain and is our guess. What if your finger rejects the piercing and it gets infected and nasty looking? What if you injure your hand or wrist and your finger swells up and you can’t take the piercing out?

It seems to us that this kind of piercing is a little more risky than your standard ear or eyebrow piercing. If you’re considering it, please get proper medical advice beforehand and make sure you go to a reputable place to get it done. Once you’ve done that, go forth and put a ring on it (in it? Through it?)

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