Our Guide to Buying Your Man an Engagement Ring

Couples are placing more and more importance on equality these days. Some split the cost of an engagement ring between them, many make a joint decision to get engaged rather than the traditional proposal, and in recent years plenty of women are buying engagement rings for their men as well as the other way around.

The only problem is, buying an engagement ring for a man can be even more overwhelming than buying a lady engagement ring. For a start, most men don’t wear rings so you have no indication of what style they like – and if you ask them, they probably don’t even know how to answer. Furthermore, all the existing advice about engagement ring shopping goes out the window when all you want is a stylish, manly band rather than a feminine diamond solitaire. And finally, you’ll naturally have no clue what his ring size is.

But never fear. Here are some tips to help you figure it all out…

Consider his Lifestyle

If he’s okay with wearing an engagement ring, chances are he’s already a pretty open-minded guy. But take account of his clothing tastes, his job, and his lifestyle before you get him a unicorn themed sparkly band to wear (just kidding). Is he a casual dresser or is he fond of suiting up? If it’s the former, something understated is probably the way to go. If it’s the latter, you could pay more attention to the little details and choose a more contemporary style. Does he spend lots of time being active or working with his hands? He’ll need something practical and durable. Does his work require him to deal with important clients or the public a lot? It’s best to steer clear of anything too ostentatious.

Cool Metals


Once you’ve got a general style in mind; simple and timeless, refined and elegant, or whatever else floats his boat – choose your primary metal. Yellow, rose or white gold are always good choices that can complement your engagement ring, if you have one. But there are tons of other cool metals out there that are guaranteed to win him complements. Rhodium is an extremely tough silver-toned metal that has a distinctive shining polish; great for contemporary styles. Damascus steel is the same steel that swords are made of; a cool choice for the guy who likes a good story! Cobalt has a really cool black satin-like finish that definitely turns heads. You can even get bands made out of meteorite for something really special! Shop around for something he’ll really love (you know he’d do the same for you!)

Personal Touches

Once you’ve got a general style and metal chosen, consider adding some personal touches. It can be something simple like an engraved message, or something unique to your man. For example if he loves the great outdoors (or if he’s a carpenter), a ring inlaid with wood is a great way to honour his passions. Honour his heritage by incorporating his family crest into the design. There are plenty of sites online that will add your heartbeat or soundwaves of your voice to the band, plus a hole host of other cool and special ideas. Get creative so he can wear a piece he loves as much as you!


Don’t Forget the Wedding Ring

Most women choose to wear their engagement ring as well as a separate engagement ring. There’s no such tradition for men (yet), so you’ll need to decided if you want the ‘mangagement’ ring to also act as a wedding band, or if he’ll also get another band on the big day. If you choose two rings, don’t make either of the bands too thick and consider the styles of both; matching metals or complementing details can make them look like a stylish and refined set. If you opt for just one ring, then you may as well go all out and get him a great quality piece that perfectly reflects his personality.

Collaborate with Him!

When it comes to finding out his ring size, you’ll probably just need to go ahead and ask him. We’ve read some reports of brides getting their fingers sized for their own rings, then getting their man to do it too ‘for fun’. But putting your heads together as a couple to pick your perfect engagement rings can be a great creative activity – and the result is a set of rings you’ll both love forever. It’s also a great way to get the know the fashion-conscious size of your husband to be, and make the first of many important decisions together as a married couple.

Happy ring shopping, and congratulations!

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