Jourdan Dunn’s Engagement Ring

jourdan dunn's engagement ring

Jourdan Dunn is done with her last name. The model has just revealed she is engaged and will soon be Mrs. Hamilton. She took to Instagram to share the news and show off her new ring — a diamond-encrusted circle diamond set on a pavé band — in an Instagram post with the caption, “Jourdan Dunn Hamilton…….has a nice ring to it!” 

Her fiancé, who’s identity remained a mystery (other than the last name), can be seen holding her hand while the model smiles and covers her eyes. While we weren’t sure who the lucky Mr. Hamilton was, we did know that the couple met in 2018. Dunn New Year in Jamaica with her boyfriend and her 10-year-old son, whom she has from a previous relationship. “2009 my son entered my life,2019 my life partner entered my life, stepping into 2020 with both by my side is priceless,” she captioned an Instagram post, in which she blurred her now-fiancé’s face out with a heart.

Since, we’ve found out that Mr Hamilton was in fact rapper and streetwear label owner Dion “Sincere” Hamilton, and it’s safe to say he sincerely has good taste in engagement rings. 

What does Jourdan Dunn’s engagement ring look like?

Jourdan’s ring is a 2 carat oval diamond with a large halo and pavé diamond band. Oval diamonds are known for their brilliant sparkle, similar to round diamonds. The shape maximizes the diamond’s ability to reflect light, creating a stunning play of light and enhancing its overall brilliance. The elongated shape can also create the illusion of longer, more slender fingers (not that our six-foot tall Victoria’s Secret model needs any extra help in this department).

The addition of a large halo surrounding the diamond amplifies its brilliance, creating a captivating focal point. The pavé diamond band further enhances the ring’s elegance, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication. 

All in all, a beautiful ring that is timeless.

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