First Wedding Planners, Now… Proposal Planners?

Wedding planners are pretty commonplace nowadays. For a small or not-so-small price tag, they take all the stress of organising a venue, band, seating plan, etc. etc. away from the couple so they can enjoy the run-up to their big day as well as the day itself. Well, now one clever events company in Toronto is providing the exact same service, just for the proposal instead!

Fusion Events are what some call a ‘relationship concierge service’, planning corporate events, weddings, and now proposals. Most clients spend between $5,000 – $10,000 with them to pull off the perfect, romantic movie type of proposal that many girls dream of.

In a world where there’s another viral proposal moment every day with each one bigger and better than the last, this is a pretty lucrative business to have. As well as planning the lead up and moment itself, they’ll also film and photograph it with top quality cameras and professional technicians so you get a permanent memory of your question popping.

It’s not just young couples in the throes of romance who use these services; couples who’ve been married for years are also hiring them for magical re-proposals and vow renewals. They tailor the plan based on each couple, but just one suggestion on offer is a restaurant scenario where the host says there’s been a delay with the table. He suggests a walk on the beach while you wait –  but when you get there, you find a romantic candlelit dinner for two by the shore.

It all sounds great and all, but we kind of like the idea of a personal proposal better. Call us old fashioned.

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