Engagement Ring Trends to Watch in 2017


New year, new trends. Here’s what you’ll be seeing more and more often in engagement rings this year…


Opals are back, and more popular than ever. Forget everything you ever heard about them being bad luck (it’s an old wives tale from an even older book – literally). These opaque gemstones show off a kaleidoscope of colour, look stunning in classic yellow gold and diamond combinations, and are way cheaper than diamonds. There’s also a huge range of colours available, from milky white to our personal favourite, black opals.

Unique Halos

The halo setting has been ‘the’ trend of the past few years, but it’s getting a little humdrum and commonplace these days. Everyone seems to have the standard diamond pave halo, but in recent months we’ve seen some new designs shaking things up – and we’re expecting a lot more in the very near future. From double halos to mixed metal accents to shared prong and halo settings, watch this space for beautiful, creative setting designs.

Rose Cut Diamonds

You’ve heard of the round brilliant cut and the princess cut, and even the emerald cut. But what the hell is a rose cut diamond? It’s an old cut that dates way back to the 1500s, long before modern cutting techniques arrived. Although it looks kind of similar, it differs to a round brilliant cut in a few ways; it has a flat bottom and faceted crown. Think of it like a crystal dome shape rather than a ‘typical’ diamond. Anyway, with more and more people choosing antique engagement rings, this cut is guaranteed a comeback.

Pear Shaped Gemstones


Pear shaped gemstones seem to be a favourite choice of celebrities of late – Margot Robbie, Jessica Simpson, and Victoria Beckham are just a few stars who sport them on their left hands. We have to admit they’re not one of of our favourite shapes, but they do have a certain hollywood glamour style to them. Expect to see trend-setting brides opting for this one in 2017 and beyond.  

Rose Gold

This coppery coloured metal is here to stay, and growing in popularity every year. We’ve long extolled the virtues of this beautiful metal; it works with every skin tone, it’s contemporary, it looks fantastic with either diamonds or coloured gemstones and it’s a refreshing update to the ubiquitous yellow and white gold engagement rings out there. Expect this one to be the new classic.

Art Deco

After Pippa Middleton’s exquisite engagement ring made headlines last year, brides-to-be are rushing to jewellery stores requesting art deco style rings in a similar style. This is guaranteed to be the year of the art deco engagement ring, whether it’s a hexagonal setting like Pippa’s or an big, chunky, colourful design. This jewellery era really does have something for everyone’s tastes, and it ticks off another engagement ring bucket list item too; it’s defined as a vintage era.

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