A Foolproof Guide to Hiding the Engagement Ring

You spent so much time (and money) picking out her engagement ring and planning a romantic proposal. The last thing you want is for her to accidentally find the ring before the big moment. With that in mind, here’s our foolproof guide to hiding the engagement ring until you’re ready to pop the question.

Safety First

Keep in mind just how much cash you splashed on that piece of bling. It’s a valuable item, made with love and expert skill – not to mention the finest of materials. So no matter where you’re hiding it before the proposal, double, triple and quadruple check that it will be safe. Avoid places where it could fall from a height (e.g. a high shelf) or get knocked around (e.g. the glove box of your car) – yes, diamond is the strongest natural substance on earth, but gold isn’t, and it can be easily damaged. The ring shouldn’t come into contact with dust or dirt (like in your attic or under your bed), which could lodge in the nooks and crannies of the setting and reduce it’s sparkly appearance. Strong chemicals or abrasive materials are also to be avoided, in case you were planning on stashing it in some sort of factory. Finally, the ring should be stored somewhere secure, preferably under lock and key. Above all else, you don’t want it to be stolen, do you?

Hiding the engagement ring away from home

Most guys will have two scenarios to choose from: hiding the engagement ring somewhere in your home, or in another location entirely separate from your home. Both carry risks and benefits. If you choose the latter, here are some things to note in addition to what we’ve covered already.

Hiding the ring away from home greatly reduces the chances of your other half finding it. But it also increases the chances of something else going wrong. With this option, you NEED a trusted ally that you can count on to keep your ring safe. However, that person also has to be trusted not to spill the beans. Choose someone from your own friends/family circle rather than hers. Someone who’s home she wouldn’t normally turn up to unannounced, and someone who she wouldn’t normally turn to for confidential matters (like ring snooping).

Failing that, your jeweler may be willing to keep the engagement ring in their store safe for a time. This is a viable option that you should definitely consider. No place is more secure than a jewellery store! Or if you love a DIY project, try this:

Hiding the engagement ring in your home

Even if you do hide the engagement ring away from home, you’ll have to pick it up before the proposal. Which means you’ll still have to hide it somewhere else for a short time. Most likely, this place will be your home. If you don’t live with your fiancee-to-be, hiding the ring in any hidden corner where she doesn’t normally rummage through is fine. But if you do live together, some extra precautions are necessary.

First of all, we suggest ditching the ring box. Keep it, obviously, but take the ring out and hide each item separately. Choose an old jacket that you don’t normally wear and stash the ring in the pocket – a zipped pocket is ideal. Place the box in your clutter drawer – you know the one, every home has one – hidden under some bric-a-brac. Alternative choices could be inside a pair of socks or in a locked desk drawer. Then whatever you do, avoid all talk of searching for lost or forgotten items. It’s a good idea to choose a space that isn’t shared by both of you – i.e. your own bedside locker rather than a shared closet.

Proposal Logistics

On the day of the proposal you’ll need to complete a delicate manoeuvre; getting the ring from its hiding place into your pocket. Remember to build enough time to collect the ring from its hiding place if it’s not in your home, and don’t forget to have a cover story in place too. If the ring is somewhere in your home, wait until she’s in the shower, running an errand, or otherwise distracted.

Wear clothes that aren’t too form-fitting; a cube-shaped bulged in your pocket can be somewhat telling, especially if it’s accompanied by nervous sweating or romantic words! And finally, get down on one knee and ask that question!

What if she finds it anyway?

Well, you’re out of luck. Time for an impromptu proposal! Speak from the heart, tell her you love her, then get down on one knee. If you’ve planned a special dinner or event before the proposal, you can now use it to celebrate instead. No harm done!

Good luck!

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