A Definitive Ranking of the Most Cliched Marriage Proposals


Men of the world: we know asking the love of your life to marry you is probably one of the most nerve-wracking things you’ll ever do (no matter how sure you are of her answer). We also know that by the time you’ve inspected the diamond, chosen the setting, paid a small fortune for the ring and managed to keep it hidden from your better half until you pop the question, the planning of the actual proposal itself may not be too high on your list of priorities.

You may be tempted to use some tried and tested proposals that have been around forever, and that always seem to work. While there’s always exceptions to every rule, you should know that the vast majority of women will not want to be asked the big question in any of the following situations…

5. At someone else’s wedding

Some may disagree, but we think there’s a time and a place for a marriage proposal, and it’s definitely not on someone else’s big day. First, there’s the matter of stealing the happy couple’s thunder – even if they say they’re completely fine with it, it’s still a little bit disrespectful. Secondly, marriage proposals should ideally be between just the two of you; not a room full of strangers. Just a thought.


4. In a restaurant, with the ring hidden in food

Once again, a proposal is a moment that you’ll want to treasure forever, and the most treasured moments are usually the ones that are private. Plus, hiding the ring in any kind of food or liquid other than water is a sure fire way to get it dirty before it’s had a chance to go on your bride’s finger. Also, the shock that comes with a proposal makes the risk of choking on it all the more dangerous!


3. On Valentine’s Day

Did we mention that a proposal should be special? Valentine’s Day is a day for love, yes, and you’ll probably be doing something romantic, so it may seem like the perfect opportunity. But remember that there are hundreds if not thousands of other couples around you doing the exact same thing, and more than a handful have had the same idea as you. Doesn’t really sound so special now, does it?


2. On a Big Screen at a Sporting Event

No matter how confident or impervious to embarrassment your other half may be, one thing is for sure; the more public the proposal, the greater the awkwardness. By their nature proposals are very emotional moments. There will most likely be tears, possibly some hyperventilation, and if you’re especially unlucky, she may even feel faint. That’s not something anyone wants to be transmitted on a giant screen for thousands of people to watch!


1. In the vicinity of Ed Sheeran or his songs

Don’t get us wrong, we think Ed is a great guy and have nothing against his music. However, it seems he can’t go anywhere these days without being roped into a proposal of some sort (it’s your own fault for being so sweet and romantic, Ed). It was cute the first few times, but we think the moment is over now.


So if you’re planning to propose at a friend’s Valentine’s Day wedding, by hiding the ring in the wedding cake, while an Ed Sheeran song plays in the background, with the whole thing broadcast on a big screen – please think twice!


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