Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Engagement Ring

Second hand engagement rings often get a bad reputation. People think they’re bad luck, that they’re ‘tainted’ or that they’re somehow inferior because a different woman once wore it on her finger. Although somehow, all that goes away once it’s a beautiful vintage ring with an interesting history… Anyway, here’s a not so secret secret; second hand engagement rings (unless they’re physically damaged of course) are just as good as new ones. In fact, sometimes they’re even better. Here’s why.

They’re Cost Efficient

For all of the reasons mentioned above, second hand engagement rings often have prices that are slashed to the ground – despite being in perfect condition. Diamonds have a terrible resale value anyway (just the nature of the industry unfortunately), and often the heartbroken seller just wants to get rid of it and doesn’t particularly care about making a profit. Plus, it won’t have any extra costs that the original jeweller might have added into the overall price, such as free cleaning and maintenance, resizing, and so on. If you do your research and know how to spot good quality, well made jewellery, you could walk away with a beautiful ring at a steal of a price.   

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Unless you opt for a lab grown diamond, your pretty, newly made engagement ring made its way to your finger at a significant environmental cost. Between the diamond being mined from the ground and then taking multiple air/road journeys to get from its mine to your jeweller, a made new engagement ring isn’t exactly eco-friendly. Opting for a second hand engagement ring takes away at least some of the carbon footprint; it’s just one set of ozone-killing circumstances for two brides. If you choose a vintage ring, it could have had multiple owners before you making it even more guilt free. You know what they say; reduce, re-use, recycle!   

They Offer Closure, and New Hope

An engagement ring is for many a symbol of love, commitment and future happiness. When it all goes awry and the ring isn’t part of a happily ever after story, that sparkly rock can come to represent something entirely different. But if the ring finds its way to a new home and brings another couple joy and happiness, that’s a pretty good thing right? Not only will it offer some small kind of closure to the former owners, it will also make them feel better that their ring and the hard earned cash used to pay for it didn’t go completely to waste. A small consolation, sure, but at least it’s a bittersweet ending rather than just a bitter one!

Where Should you Buy a Second Hand Ring?

Believe it or not there are plenty of retailers that specialise in second hand and vintage engagement rings. ‘I Do Now I Don’t’ has jewellery experts and gemologists on hand to thoroughly examine a pre-loved ring to make sure it’s authentic and up to scratch. ‘Have You Seen The Ring’ is another online platform where you can interact directly with the seller to get the full details surrounding your purchase (at up to 50% discount). Kansas based jewellerz Helzberg is also a top choice for their wide selection of perfect condition, previously owned rings. We wouldn’t recommend shopping on craigslist or in pawn shops – there’s no guarantee of authenticity or value for money.

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