Netflix Helped Plan This Guy’s Marriage Proposal!

Netflix and… will you marry me?!

We’re the first to admit that we can’t resist a cute proposal story… but this one takes the biscuit. Happy couple Conor and Kamela have been dating for over six years. On their very first date, they watched Netflix together. So when Conor (finally) decided to propose, he thought it would be fun to involve Netflix somehow… but we honestly don’t know how he managed to do it in such a stellar way.

Conor and Netflix worked together to concoct a very elaborate cover story for the big moment. Kamela believed she and Conor were taking part in a Gogglebox-style show for Netflix, which involves watching TV shows and commenting on them while being filmed. They settle down to watch a behind the scenes interview with Drew Barrymore, who happens to be the star of Kamela’s favourite Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.

As drew earnestly imparts some wise marriage advice, Conor nervously watches Kamela watch the feature, with a hidden red ring box right behind them on a shelf the whole time! To Kamela’s surprise, Conor then appears on the TV screen himself, sitting down beside Drew Barrymore to ask ‘one last question’… but it’s a special question for Kameela instead.

With a whole control room of camera operators watching from afar, Conor picks up the ring box, turns to Kamela and does his thing. The moment is ridiculously sweet, and it’s all captured on camera. Take a look below:

Conor must have been pretty confident that Kamela would say yes, because he also filmed a ‘congratulations’ scene with Drew Barrymore too. Bet he’s breathing a sigh of relief now! As for Kamela, once she got over the initial shock and excitement of the proposal, she had one major takeaway from the video… “Drew Barrymore said my name!”

These guys make a seriously adorable couple, and we wish them nothing but the very happiest of lives together. Congratulations Conor and Kamela!

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