Man Robs Bank So He Can Buy An Engagement Ring!

We do NOT advise following in his footsteps…

In one sense this story is kind of romantic, but in pretty much every other way it’s just down right stupid. In the run up to the holidays we can all go a bit crazy, but on December 16th last year Dustin Pedersen took things a little too far.

In Middletown, Ohio the 36-year old robbed the Trenton branch of Fifth Third Bank. He made off with $8,800, according to a police detective. Bank robbery is not something we could ever condone, but we have to admit – we think the guy had good intentions. Less than an hour after committing the robbery, Pedersen spent over half of his spoils – $4,500 in fact – on an engagement ring!

Sadly we don’t know who the lady in his life is, or if he actually got his chance to pop to question. SIx days after the first robbery, he tried his luck again in another bank in Butler County! This time things didn’t go so well – a woman recognised the hat he was wearing from reports of the first robbery, and his game was up. Maybe he was trying to gather up some funds for the wedding?!

Pedersen denied robbing any banks but did admit to police that the robber in the surveillance photos capturing at the time did looked like him. As far as we know, he’s still behind bars. So if you’re trying to think of romantic proposal gesture… maybe steer clear of bank robbery!

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