Hunter Fieri’s Engagement Ring: A Pickleball Piece

Guy Fieri’s family is poised to add another member.

On Friday, the celebrity chef’s son Hunter Fieri took to his instagram page and announced that he and pickleball pro Tara Bernstein are now engaged.

Hunter, 27, proposed to Tara during the Fieris’ holiday gathering and she said yes.

The pair met at the Super Bowl, and started dating a week later. Nine months after first meeting, he was ready to put a ring on it. They say when you know, you know, and Hunter certainly knew.

When it came to designing his fiancée’s engagement ring, he quite literally thought of everything. He explains, “My goal in life is you do this once, and when you do it once, it’s got to be perfect. So I made a ring for her that I think signifies my love for her.”

Here’s what we know about the engagement ring.

What Kind Of Engagement Ring Does She Have?

hunter fieri's engagement ring for tara

Hunter worked with a close friend to design Tara’s ring, knowing that he wanted to make it perfect. At first glance, it seems to be a round solitaire diamond on a white gold pave band. 

But it’s more than just that.

With Tara making her living as a professional pickleball player, Hunter knew there were going to be some challenges to contend with if he wanted her to be able to wear her ring day in and day out. The designer made the band and the crown a little thicker, so that if she did hit it on a ball, or on a paddle, the rock stays put. They worked to make it extra durable, without losing any of its charm.

When it comes down to it, however, the couple — who got engaged last month — says they would be happily engaged even with a candy ring. “I could give her a Haribo Ring Pop, and I believe that she would still be happy with that with me,” Hunter explained.

Roll on a few close up shots so we can really get a good look at this pickleball inspired piece.

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