The Tiffany Setting is 130 Years Old This Month!


Take a look at the gorgeous engagement ring they’ve created to celebrate…

Did you know the classic diamond solitaire in a prong setting was created by Tiffany and Co.? Well it was, and this month that iconic design turns 130 years old. Before 1886, all engagement ring diamonds were set in a bezel setting, which completely surrounds the bottom half of the stone. It’s definitely secure, but because half of the stone is covered, only half the light is refracted, which means the ring is only half as sparkly.

Charles Lewis Tiffany and his team of expert gemologists decided an alternative was needed, and they devised a raised claw-like design that would still hold the diamond securely in place while making it as visible (and shiny) as possible. The six-prong setting was born, and instantly became a timeless classic that is still the most popular engagement ring design today.

The prongs are set at the just the right length to keep the bottom tip of the diamond (called the ‘culet’) as close to the finger as possible, while still raising it high so it catches the most light. The light enters, bounces around and leaves the diamond from the top, creating those flashes and rainbow colours that the jewellery industry calls ‘brilliance’ and ‘fire’. So there you have it.


To commemorate the Tiffany setting’s birthday, Tiffany and Co. have launched an impressive exhibit showcasing one of their latest flagship engagement rings; a stunning 8.88-carat round diamond with a diamond paved band and, obviously, the famous six-prong setting. Plenty of other interactive displays and jewellery pieces are also on show, centred on themes of legacy, craftsmanship, glamour and love. Oh, and it’s all inside a giant blue Tiffany and Co. jewellery box, naturally.

The drawback? For one thing, the exhibition is in Hong Kong. But as well as that, only 130 of these 8.88-carat rings have been made and they’re selling for a hefty $1.5 million US dollars. Unless you have an endless supply of spare cash lying around, you might want to keep this one as a pipe dream.

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