Future Husbands: Here’s How to Keep the Engagement Ring A Secret


Statistically, the three most popular days of the year for marriage proposals are Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Guess what guys? All of those dates are coming up in a matter of weeks, and we bet there’s plenty more of you who are thinking about getting down on one knee around this time of year, if not on those particular dates. It’s certainly a romantic time of year, and there’s nothing more romantic than a surprise proposal.

However, modern life and modern relationships mean that planning that big surprise is a little more difficult than it used to be – especially if you’re already living together. Thankfully, the Internet is awash with tips on how to secretly figure out exactly what kind of ring she wants and how to keep it hidden from view until the big moment arrives. Here are a select few!

Steal a ring

This can be a little bit tricky to pull off successfully, but it’s really worth it if you do. Why do you need to burgle your own girlfriend, we hear you ask? Well, there are a lot of things that could go wrong during your proposal. Apart from her saying no – which is obviously the worst thing that could happen – there’s a distinct possibility that without some prior snooping, you’ll select the wrong ring size. A ring that won’t fit on your future bride’s finger can be a bit of anti-climax to a super romantic, surprise proposal.

So if you can find a way to do so undetected, steal one of the rings she wears on a regular basis. Either take it with you to your jeweller so they can determine its size, or failing that trace its interior and exterior outline onto a piece of paper, or tie a piece of string in a circle that matches the size of the ring. If none of those options will work for you, try the ring on your own hand and note at what position on which finger it sits.

Enlist the help of a trusted friend

If your other half has a close friend that you can trust to keep a secret, it is most definitely a good idea to enlist his or her help. It’s much less suspicious for a friend to bring up the topic of engagement rings than it is for you to do it. They can help you find out her opinions on certain styles, which metal she prefers, and can also help figure out her ring size if you’re still struggling! If you really have no idea what kind of ring she’ll like, you could even ask them to come with you to the jewellery store for a second opinion.

Be a social media stalker


We don’t advocate stalking in any other circumstances, but this is one instance in which it may be okay. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll no doubt see engagement announcements popping up on a regular basis on Facebook and other social networks. Pay attention to the ones your lady likes, and in particular, read any comments she leaves. She may express a particular fondness for a certain style of ring (or better yet, a certain type of proposal!).

Keep your eyes open

Once your observation skills have been honed through the medium of the Internet, take them offline and use your eyes in the real world. If the two of you are heading out for a special occasion, take note of the jewellery she chooses to wear (she’ll likely have a few pieces reserved for occasion wear rather than everyday wear). Also keep tabs on the pieces she wears on a daily basis – if you want her to wear your ring all the time, this is the style you need to emulate.

Hide it somewhere else

This should go without saying, but when it comes to buying the ring DO NOT use your joint bank account to pay for it, if you have one. When you have it in your possession, ‘better safe than sorry’ should be your mantra. If you live together, don’t keep it in the house. Your jeweller will most likely be happy to hold it in the store for you. If you don’t live together, keep it locked away in a safe place where your other half won’t accidentally come across it. A spare bedroom, a utility room or a home office rather than your bedroom or the living room is the way to go.

Don’t tell anyone!


Engagements are very exciting for everyone, and the temptation or impulse to share the happy news can be too much for some. For that reason, you should keep your proposal plans to yourself. If it’s absolutely essential that you tell other people, make sure they’re trustworth and not likely to get overly excited about the whole thing. Even then, only give them the absolute minimum details they need to know. Trust us, news travels fast and gossip travels even faster!

Wait for the right moment

When everything else is done and all that’s left is for you to pop the question, resist the urge to do it at the first opportunity. Wait for the right moment – a time when she’s not expecting it, when you’ve had time to get the scenario as perfect as possible, and when she’s not distracted by other things going on in her life. Do your best to pretend that everything is fine, and that nothing out of the ordinary is about to happen. Then, and only then, should you get down on one knee and ask the big question (don’t worry, she’ll say yes).

Good luck!

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