Engagement Ring Trends of 2018: What to Watch Out For

Jewellery is subject to changing trends and styles, just like the rest of the fashion world. Every year new styles rise in popularity, older styles enjoy a comeback and there’s always a few curveballs in there too. So what will be the next big thing for engagement rings in 2018? Here’s what you’ll be seeing more and more of during the next 12 months or so…

Eternity Bands

Brides in search of a unique engagement ring are turning away from traditional solitaire designs lately. Instead, many are opting for eternity bands as engagement rings. It’s an especially good idea for those who don’t want to wear two or more rings on one finger – it can act as your engagement ring, wedding band and eternity ring proper all in one handy piece! Plus, you get to wear waay more diamonds than a simple solitaire.

Chevron Bands

For the bride looking for a unique, modern, borderline ‘out there’ design for their engagement ring, the chevron band is set to be your top choice for 2018. This is an eye-catching style has a touch of drama and is sure to get people talking, plus it’s versatile too. A split shank with a diamond solitaire in the middle, channel set diamonds, or a stacked design; you can do a lot of things with a little chevron.

Oval Cuts

We LOVE oval shaped stones, and apparently so do a lot of other people. This is set to be one of the most popular non-traditional stone shapes in 2018. It’s perfect for brides who want that classic solitaire look but with a modern update. The shape flatters every finger by giving it lengthened appearance, and it looks absolutely beautiful with a delicate stone set band. Plus, some a-list Hollywood stars have oval shaped rings – Blake Lively, Katie Holmes and Penelope Cruz are just three.

Pear Cuts

Pear shaped diamonds saw a resurgence in popularity during 2017, so they’re set to be one of the most popular looks of 2018. They have that vintage that brides lust after these days, they’re definitely glamorous – Katherine Heigl, Avril Lavigne and Princess Charlene of Monaco are just some of the celebs who sport this look – they’re ultra feminine, and the pointed silhouette helps elongate your finger. They also look stunning with a pave halo. What’s not to love?  

Woven Details

This trend has been around for a few years already, and it’s set to stick around for 2018 too. Perfect for vintage style engagement rings, woven details can incorporate plaits, twists, Celtic-style knots, mixed metals, and so much more. It makes for a really intricate, ethereal, delicate style that looks especially stunning on long slender fingers. Incorporate a stone with a gentle colour like aquamarine or morganite for a truly modern look.

New Three Stone Rings

Three stone engagement rings were very popular in the 1980s, and now they’re making a comeback… but in a very different style. While the previous trend was for diamonds or a diamond and coloured gem combo sitting in a horizontal row, jewellers today are getting much more creative with this look. Pyramid layouts, asymmetrical stone shapes and sizes, ‘hanging’ designs – if you’re looking for something firmly in the ‘different’ and ‘non-traditional’ style categories, this is the 2018 trend for you.

East West Settings

Another trend that’s been around on and off since forever. An east-west setting means setting an oblong shaped stone – like an emerald cut, oval cut or marquise – horizontally instead of vertically. Catherine Zeta Jones has been rocking this look since her marriage to Michael Douglas in 2000. There’s a particular reason why they’ve become so popular, too; an east-west setting makes your stone appear bigger than it actually is, so it’s a budget-friendly way to increase the bling factor. But sshh, you didn’t hear that little secret from us…


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