Check Out This Baggage Carousel Proposal!


We love a good airport proposal, but this one takes the biscuit…

Evan Henrich is an American student pilot dating Elizabeth, a Boeing designer. He’s based in Ohio, and she’s based in Seattle. With such strong links to air travel AND a long distance relationship on the go, it was inevitable that they’d get engaged either on a plane or in an airport, right?

Well, Evan chose one of the least exciting parts of the airport – the baggage claim carousel – and made it into one of the sweetest and funniest proposals we’ve seen recently….

While waiting for her bags (and presumably her boyfriend) to show up in an Ohio airport, Evan’s girlfriend Elizabeth was presented with a bunch of flowers and a scrapbook about the pair’s relationship. Already pretty cute, we’re sure you’ll agree. As she flipped through it, fellow passengers started to make a commotion.

Somehow, Evan had convinced the airport authorities to let him sit on the baggage carousel and ride it until he reached Elizabeth – while also serenading her on the guitar. He then hopped up, gave her a big hug and then promptly got down on one knee to pop the question!

Saying ‘even though we’ve been apart, separated by thousands of miles, you’ve only pulled me in closer’, he presented her with a ring and another adorable hug, while the crowd breaks into a round of congratulatory applause. Definitely better than waiting anxiously to see if your bag shows up!

While we’re very happy for this too cute couple, we have one question; how can we also manage to get a ride on a baggage carousel without getting thrown out of an airport? It’s one of our childhood dreams!

Congratulations Evan and Elizabeth! Watch the happy moment unfold below:

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