10 Unique Engagement Ring Boxes For The Big Moment


Your engagement ring deserves something much better than the standard black velvet box, don’t you think? Here are some super cute and quirky alternatives that will make that special proposal even better, or give your ring a worthy home when you’re not wearing it.It’s all in the details!

Ring Cam Box


This is a really, really awesome idea. It may look like a standard little black box, but it’s most definitely not. The Ring Cam box has its own teeny tiny camera attached at the perfect angle so it can record your new fiancee’s reaction when you get down on one knee. It takes HD footage and has superior sound recording too – all you have to do is push the button on the lid. Oh, and then propose.

Wall-E Box



Disney fans will absolutely adore this heart-meltingly cute box. If you don’t know already, Wall-E is a waste collecting robot left all alone to pick up the pieces (literally) after Earth is abandoned. When he bumps into the sleek and shiny Eve robot one day, he makes it his mission to travel across the galaxy to find her again. This box reveals the ring in Wall-E’s storage compartment, and we’d happily say yes to anyone who presented us with it.  

Tennis Ball Box


For the sports lover in your life – or the dog lover, since every dog seems to have at least one tennis ball nearby at all times – this is the perfect ring box. Plus, you can even make it yourself! Cut open a tennis ball, fill it with padding that’s been cut to fit, add a little slot to keep the ring secure, and voila. They’ll never suspect what’s coming… just don’t let the dog get to it first.

Seashell Box


Another DIY engagement ring box, this is a great choice if you plan on proposing on the beach or by the sea. Pick up a nice big, pretty sea shell, punch one hole in each side where they meet, and tie them together with a string. Put the ring inside then keep the shell closed with more string – wrapping it up like you would a Christmas present makes for some quirky and cute presentation.

Fortune Cookie ‘Box’


If you’re a competent cook you can find plenty of recipes for fortune cookies online and place your ring inside your cookie before baking. It SHOULD be safe, but to be extra cautious we recommend buying pre-made cookies, heating them up in the microwave for 20 seconds so they get soft, CAREFULLY peeling back one of the folds to place the ring and ‘fortune’ inside, then sealing it back up before it goes crisp again.

Wooden Log Box


This is one for nature lovers or outdoor proposals that aren’t on the beach. There is a huge variety of wooden log ring boxes, some actually modelled from wood and some not, but all of them are quaint and make a nice keepsake. After you’ve gotten your ‘yes’, you can add both of your intials to the lid and use it instead of a ring pillow on the day too.

Vintage Box


Got an antique or made-new-to-look-old engagement ring? It’s only fitting that your ring box is beautifully vintage too. While you may find it difficult to find reasonably priced genuine antique boxes (although you never know what a flea market might throw your way), there are plenty of kitsch and cost-effective alternatives in pretty much any craft shop.

Book Box


Marrying a bookworm or a writer? You’ll definitely get a yes with this. Don’t worry, they’ll be too delighted to point out that you ‘destroyed’ a perfectly good book, and some versions even come with a story fully intact before the big reveal. This is a really romantic way to propose, especially if you choose a love story to go with it.

Mario Box


Geeky couples won’t be able to resist the many, many Super Mario ring boxes that are out there. From Yoshi’s egg to question boxes and everything in between, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And they’re all cute and colourful too. Perfect for the gamer bride who loves to express her personality.

Christmas Bauble Ring Box


December is the most popular month for proposals, so why not work in a Christmas theme? Get yourself one of these bauble ‘boxes’, hide your ring inside and hang it on the tree. When the moment comes you’ll have the perfect festive backdrop and for every future Christmas you spend together, you’ll have the beautiful bauble as a reminder of that happy time.

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